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Erste INETBIB-Tagung in der Universitätsbibliothek Dortmund vom 11. - 13.3.1996

Fortbildungsveranstaltung für Mitarbeiter/-innen in Bibliotheken im Rahmen des Fortbildungsprogramms des Hochschulbibliothekszentrums Nordrhein-Westfalen, veranstaltet von der UB Dortmund in der UB Dortmund

Bill Bartenbach, Engineering Information Inc. (Ei)
The Engineering Information Village:
A Virtual Internet Community for Engineers and Technical Professionals

The Engineering Information Village is an Internet-based information community with a unique focus on engineering and technology. The Ei Village integrates the very extensive content of the Compendex*Plus database and the Internet web sites relating to engineering and technology. The Engineering Information Village creates a community for networking with peers and experts. This is all enhanced by inclusion of significant and exclusive value-added services tailored to the information needs of the engineer that cannot be found elsewhere.

Engineering Information provides a comprehensive collection of inforrnation resources for engineers, including Compendex*Web, Ei Spotlights, and Ei Tech Alert. In addition to its own databases, Engineering Information provides access to over 11,000 Internet sites as well as access to AP and Reuters news wires. The Engineering Information Village provides a ccmmunity to promote ways and places for engineers to meet and interact. A feature called "Ask your peers" offers focused discussion groups and forums in all engineering disciplines. "Senior Village Engineers" and a technical librarian are available for consultation.

The information in the Engineering Information Village is organized around buildings in the village. Altogether there are 11 buildings or icons, beginning with a Research & Industrial Park, a Library, Chamber of Commerce, Travel Service, Business and Financial District, International Center, News & Weather Bureau, Career and Education Campus, the Ei Offices, an Entertainment Arcade and a Shopping Mart. Engineering Information has engaged permanent staff to identify technology-related sites on the Internet. Each site is examined, evaluated, annotated, indexed, organized and linked to the Engineering Information Village. Sites are continuously monitored to assure that links retain their validity.

The Engineering Information Village is not simply another directory to Internet resources. Each site is annotated and indexed. Especially valuable sites are identified as "Editor´s choice." "Ei Tech Alerts" keep informed about the latest trends in technology and engineering. "Ei Spotlights" are SDI services on over 155 technology topics.

The Ei Village has been build by Engineering Information Inc., a company with 112 years of experience in providing access to engineering and technology information.