Authors: Ohlberger, Mario
Schweizer, Ben
Title: Modelling of interfaces in unsaturated porous media
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: In this contribution we discuss interface conditions for unsaturated flow in porous media. Our aim is to provide a concise collection of the arguments that lead to the standard models for interfaces that either separate two porous media or a porous medium and void space. We furthermore present a regularization procedure for these interface conditions. In a singular limit, a nonlinear boundary condition of third kind can provide approximate solutions to the outflow condition of Signorini type.
Subject Headings: interface conditions
porous media
Richards equation
Issue Date: 2007-09
Provenance: American Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Citation: Ohlberger, Mario; Schweizer, Ben: : Modelling of interfaces in unsaturated porous media. In: Belinskiy, Boris (Hrsg.) Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations. Proceedings of the 6th AIMS International Conference ( Poitiers, France), DCDS Supplement 2007, S. 794-803
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