Authors: Apel, Martin
Biskup, Joachim
Flegel, Ulrich
Meier, Michael
Title: Early Warning System on a National Level
Other Titles: Project AMSEL
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: We present the architecture of an automatic early warning system (EWS) that aims at providing predictions and advice regarding security threats in information and communication technology without incorporation of cognitive abilities of humans and forms the basis for drawing a situation picture. Our EWS particularly targets the growing malware threat and shall achieve the required capabilities by combining malware collectors, malware analysis systems, malware behavior clustering, signature generation and distribution and malware/misuse detection system into an integrated process chain. The quality and timeliness of the results delivered by theEWS are influenced by the number and location of participating partners that share information on security incidents. In order to enable such a cooperation and an effective deployment of the EWS, interests and confidentiality requirements of the parties involved need to be carefully examined. We discuss technical details of the EWS components, evaluate alternatives and examine the interests of all parties involved in the anticipated deployment scenario.
Issue Date: 2010-02-09T14:55:28Z
Is part of: 1st European Workshop on Internet Early Warning and Network Intelligence
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