Authors: Schmidt, Holger
Jürjens, Jan
Title: UMLsec4UML2 - Adopting UMLsec to Support UML2
Other Titles: Using UMLsec4UML2 for the Specification of Architectural Security Patterns
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: In this paper, we present an approach to adopt UMLsec, which is defined for UML 1.5, to support the current UML version 2.3. The new profile UMLsec4UML2 is technically constructed as a UML profile diagram, which is equipped with a number of integrity conditions expressed using OCL. Consequently, the UMLsec4UML2-profile can be loaded in any Eclipse-based EMF- and MDT-compatible UML editing tool to develop and analyze different kinds of security models. The OCL constraints replace the static checks of the tool support for the old UMLsec defined for UML 1.5. Thus, the UMLsec4UML2-profile not only provides the whole expresiveness of UML2.3 for security modeling, it also brings considerably more freedom in selecting a basic UML editing tool, and it integrates modeling and analyzing security models. Since UML2.3 comprises new diagram types, as well as new model elements and new semantics of diagram types already contained in UML1.5, we consider a number of these changes in detail. More specifically, we consider composite structure and sequence diagrams with respect to modeling security properties according to the original version of UMLsec. The goal is to use UMLsec4UML2 to specify architectural security patterns.
Subject Headings: UMLsec
Security Architecture
Security Pattern
Issue Date: 2011-02-02
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