Authors: Liu, Guang
Title: A study on sustainable urban water management in small and medium sized cities in China
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Along with the implementation of national urbanization and modernization strategy in China, the urban scale and quantity are increasing systematically. In this process, the role of water is irreplaceable. Urban water system is a multipurpose and integrated system. Considering China's economic and social development requirements, there are many rigorous problems in exploitation, utilization, operation and management of urban water resources comparing with some developed cities in the world. Currently, a number of cities, especially small and medium-sized cities (SMSCs), are on the serious condition of water shortage and water wasting in China. It is an important means for development of economy and society to achieve the sustainable utilization of water resources. Building a sustainable management and development system for urban water resources and water environment has conclusive sense for supporting the urban economic and social development. Moreover, the theory of water recycling and its operation models are put forward through the research of the complex system of water-society-economy-ecological environment. This dissertation will do a preliminary study and discussion on following aspects. - Based on the analysis of the urbanization’s impact on such water environmental factors as hydrology, water quantity, water quality, groundwater, and hydrophilicity, put forward the objective system, support system and evaluation system of sustainable development of urban water management in SMSCs. - Based on the analysis of the relationship between flood control and urban socio-economic development, put forward the SD strategy for urban flood control as well as the construction of Flood Prevention and Security City. Urban flood control and management should coordinate with river basin flood control and construction of urban infrastructure, to guarantee and support urban socio-economic development, especially development of SMSCs. - Based on the analysis of the economic instruments for water pollution prevention and control, put forward the SD strategy for prevention and control of urban water environment as well as the construction of Eco-city. Pollution charge, tradable water pollution right and evaluation of water resource value in national economic accounting are the important approaches to marketization and industrialization of wastewater treatment. - Based on the analysis of the relationship between water supply and water demand, put forward the SD strategy for urban water resource utilization as well as the construction of Water-saving City. City construction and industrial distribution should consider the carrying capacity of urban water resources. Improvement of urban water saving depends on reform of water price system and market. - Based on the analysis of the concept and contents of water culture, put forward the principles of construction and repair of urban water culture. Ecological restoration and water landscape restoration should coordinate with urban water culture. - Based on the analysis of the regulation mechanism of water market and management, put forward the direction and contents of the reform of urban water market and management for the SD of SMSCs. - Based on the integrated analysis of the SD of urban water management of SMSCs, put forward two models of circular economy – small and large scope recycling of urban water, and discussed the relevant practical case studies. MBR technology has been introduced in the case study of the wastewater treatment and recycling system of the DJD Hotel (small scope recycling of urban water); SBR technology has been introduced in case study of the wastewater treatment and recycling system of the Huludao City (large scope recycling of urban water).
Subject Headings: China
Urban water
Waste water
Water management
Water recycling
Subject Headings (RSWK): Abwasser
Issue Date: 2012-07-13
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