Authors: Ahmad, Shiekh Tanveer
Asiaf, Asia
Aslam, Mohammad
Bhat, Jalal Uddin
Dayal, Rameshver
Javid, Kalim
Nafees, Sana
Samim, Mohammad
Singh, Surender
Umar, Sadiq
Wani, Arjumand
Title: Nephroprotective action of Peucedanum grande against cadmium chloride induced renal toxicity in Wistar rats
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Cadmium is a known industrial pollutant which accumulates in the kidney and its exposure leads to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The present study was carried out to evaluate the protective effects of Peucedanum grande against CdCl2 induced renal toxicity in Wistar rats. Wistar rats were subjected to oral pretreatment of P. grande (60 and 120 mg/kg b.wt) against the renal toxicity induced by administration of CdCl2 (3mg/kg b.wt). Efficacy of P. grande against the renal toxicity was evaluated in terms of biochemical estimation of antioxidant enzyme activities and histopathological changes. P. grande pretreatment prevented deteriorative effects induced by CdCl2 through a protective mechanism that involved reduction of increased oxidative stress as well as by restoration of histopathological changes against CdCl2 administration.
Subject Headings: cadmium chloride
Peucedanum grande
Issue Date: 2012-11-15
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