Authors: Heida, Martin
Title: On thermodynamics of fluid interfaces
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: A recently introduced method for the derivation of thermodynamically consistent boundary conditions will be used in order to study the interaction of two fluids at the common interface and the contact line to a solid body. The calculations allow for temperature dependent surface energy/ surface tension and yield thermodynamical conditions on dynamic contact angles. Furthermore, we will show how Mean Curvature Flow and Mullins-Sekerka models fit into this general framework and give a possible explanation for the Dussan and Davis experiment [10] compared to the Huh and Scriven Paradox [17] within the presented theory. [10] E. B. Dussan V. and S.H. Davis. On the motion of a fluid-fluid interface along a solid surface. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 65(01):71–95, 1974. [17] C. Huh and LE Scriven. Hydrodynamic model of steady movement of a solid/liquid/fluid contact line. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 35(1):85–101, 1971.
Issue Date: 2013-04-17
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