Issue 04 : [52]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Hybridization Gap in Heavy Fermion CompoundsBasov, D. N.; Bauer, E. D.; Dilley, N. R.; Dordevic, S. V.; Maple, M. B.
2001Optical Conductivity of One-Dimensional Mott InsulatorsControzzi, D.; Essler, F. H. L.; Tsvelik, A. M.
2001Two-Dimensional Anisotropic Non-Fermi-Liquid Phase of Coupled Luttinger LiquidsCarpentier, David; Vishwanath, Ashvin
2001Conformational Changes of Single Molecules Induced by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Manipulation: A Route to Molecular SwitchingGourdon, André; Joachim, Christian; Meyer, Gerhard; Moresco, Francesca; Rieder, Karl-Heinz; Tang, Hao
2001Pressure-Induced Transformation Plasticity of H2O IceDunand, David C.; Goldsby, David L.; Schuh, Christopher
2001Theoretical Calculations of Dissociative Adsorption of CH4 on an Ir(111) SurfaceHenkelman, Graeme; Jónsson, Hannes
2001Role of Stress in Thin Film Alloy Thermodynamics: Competition between Alloying and Dislocation FormationAsta, M.; Bartelt, N. C.; Chiang, S.; Hoyt, J. J.; Hwang, R. Q.; Ozolins, V.; Schmid, A. K.; Thayer, G. E.
2001Influence of Bulk Nematic Orientation on the Interface between a Liquid Crystalline Polymer and a Flexible PolymerDenn, Morton M.; Li, Xianfeng
2001Tetragonal Crystalline Carbon Nitrides: Theoretical PredictionsChen, Changfeng; Elstner, Marcus; Frauenheim, Thomas; Kim, Eunja; Köhler, Thomas
2001Debye-Waller Factor of Liquid Silica: Theory and SimulationKob, Walter; Sciortino, Francesco
2001Investigations of H-Mode Plasmas Triggered Directly by Pellet Injection in the DIII-D TokamakBaylor, L. R.; Burrell, K. H.; Carlstrom, T. N.; Gohil, P.; Jernigan, T. C.
2001Theory for Toroidal Momentum Pinch and Flow Reversal in TokamaksShaing, K. C.
2001Evidence for Highly Charged Ion Coulomb Crystallization in Multicomponent Strongly Coupled PlasmasBeck, B. R.; Church, D. A.; DeWitt, H. E.; Glassman, J.; Gruber, L.; Holder, J. P.; McDonald, J. W.; Schneider D.; Steiger, J.
2001Contact Line Instabilities of Thin Liquid FilmsDiez, Javier A.; Kondic, L.
2001Stopping Light via Hot AtomsKocharovskaya, Olga; Rostovtsev, Yuri; Scully, Marlan O.
2001Magnetic and Orbital Dichroism in (e, 2e) Ionization of SodiumBerakdar, J.; Lower, J.; Mazevet, S.; Weigold, E.
2001Deep-Core Dielectronic-Capture Resonances in the Electron-Impact Ionization of Heavy Atomic IonsAichele, K.; Colgan, J.; Hathiramani, D.; Mitnik, D.; Müller, A.; Pindzola, M. S.; Salzborn, E.; Scheuermann, F.
2001Low-Energy State-Selective Charge Transfer by Multiply Charged IonsHoekstra, R.; Juhász, Z.; Lubinski, G.; Morgenstern, R.
2001Electric Field Controlled, Pulsed Autoionization in Two Electron Wave PacketsEreifej, Heider N.; Story, J. G.
2001Magnetic Conveyor Belt for Transporting and Merging Trapped Atom CloudsHommelhoff, P.; Hänsch, T. W.; Hänsel, W.; Reichel, J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 52