Issue 07 : [75]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001End-to-End Distance on Contour Loops of Random Gaussian SurfacesSchwartz, Moshe
2001Origin of Constant Loss in Ionic ConductorsLeón, C.; Ngai, K. L.; Rivera, A.; Santamaria, J.; Sanz, J.; Várez, A.
2001Effect of Diffusion on Lithium Intercalation in Titanium DioxideHarrison, Nicholas M.; Koudriachova, Marina V.; Leeuw, Simon W. de
2001Time-Temperature Superposition in Viscous LiquidsChristensen, Tage; Dyre, Jeppe C.; Olsen, Niels Boye
2001Experimental Evidence of the Halperin-Lubensky-Ma Effect in Liquid CrystalsLelidis, Ioannis
2001Direct Observation of Shear-Induced Orientational Phase Coexistence in a Lyotropic System Using a Modified X-Ray Surface Forces ApparatusGolan, Yuval; Israelachvili, Jacob; Li, Youli; Martin-Herranz, Ana; Safinya, Cyrus R.
2001Dynamics of Late-Stage Phase Separation in Crystalline SolidsAkaiwa, Norio; Thornton, K.; Voorhees, P. W.
2001Origin of the Boson Peak in Systems with Lattice DisorderElliott, S. R.; Loh, Y. L.; Natarajan, G.; Taraskin, S. N.
2001Anomalous High Pressure Dependence of the Jahn-Teller Phonon in La0.75Ca0.25MnO3Caramagno, E.; Congeduti, A.; Kumar, A.; Nardone, M.; Postorino, P.; Sarma, D. D.
2001Unexpected Dynamics for Self-Interstitial Clusters in SiliconEstreicher, S. K.; Fedders, P. A.; Gharaibeh, M.; Ordejón, Pablo
2001Colloidal Aggregation with Sedimentation: Computer SimulationsGonzález, Agustín E.
2001Dynamics and Instability of Electron Phase-Space TubesGoldman, M. V.; Newman, D. L.; Perez, F.; Spector, M.
2001Electrostatic Mode Excitation in Electron Holes due to Wave Bounce ResonancesOppenheim, Meers; Vetoulis, Georgios
2001Study of the Ion-Distribution Dynamics of an Aluminum Laser-Produced Plasma with Picosecond ResolutionAudebert, P.; Chenais-Popovics, C.; Fajardo, M.; Gauthier, J. C.; Renaudin, P.; Shepherd, R.; Yashiro, H.
2001Observation of a Hot High-Current Electron Beam from a Self-Modulated Laser Wakefield AcceleratorAllott, R.; Clark, E. L.; Clarke, R. J.; Dangor, A. E.; Faure, J.; Krushelnick, K.; Malka, V.; Najmudin, Z.; Santala, M. I. K.; Tatarakis, M.
2001Transport Control by Coherent Zonal Flows in the Core/Edge Transitional RegimeBiskamp, D.; Hallatschek, K.
2001Experimental Observation of Vertically Polarized Transverse Dust-Lattice Wave Propagating in a One-Dimensional Strongly Coupled Dust ChainAsano, K.; Kaw, P. K.; Misawa, T.; Ohno, N.; Sawai, M.; Takamura, S.
2001Shear Viscosity of Strongly Coupled Yukawa Systems on Finite Length ScalesMurillo, M. S.; Sanbonmatsu, K. Y.
2001Couette Flow of Two Immiscible Liquids between Two Concentric Cylinders: The Formation of Toroidal Drops and Liquid SheathsBriscoe, B. J.; Lawrence, C. J.; Matar, O. K.; Mietus, W. G. P.; Seevaratnam, G.; Wong, A.
2001Attraction of Minute Particles to Invariant Regions of Volume Preserving Flows by TransientsAlvarez, M. M.; Muzzio, F. J.; Shinbrot, T.; Zalc, J. M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 75