Issue 08 : [70]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Diamagnetic Persistent Current in Diffusive Normal-Metal RingsJariwala, E. M. Q.; Ketchen, M. B.; Mohanty, P.; Webb, R. A.
2001Electrodynamic Dip in the Local Density of States of a Metallic WireBirge, Norman O.; Devoret, M. H.; Esteve, D.; Joyez, P.; Pierre, F.; Pothier, H.
2001Field-Induced Dynamic Diamagnetism in a Charge-Density-Wave SystemBrooks, J. S.; Christianson, A. D.; Harrison, N.; Mielke, C. H.; Tokumoto, M.
2001Local Density of States of a Three-Dimensional Conductor in the Extreme Quantum LimitHaude, D.; Meinel, I.; Morgenstern, M.; Wiesendanger, R.
2001Anomalous Temperature Dependence of the Magnetic Field Induced Antiferromagnetic Moment in the Antiferroquadrupolar Ordered State of CeB6Akimitsu, J.; Ichikawa, H.; Kakurai, K.; Kunii, S.; Nishi, M.; Sera, M.; Yokoo, T.
2001Simple Analytical Particle and Kinetic Energy Densities for a Dilute Fermionic Gas in a d-Dimensional Harmonic TrapBrack, Matthias; Zyl, Brandon P. van
2001Difference in the Dynamic Scaling Behavior of Droplet Size Distribution for Coalescence under Pulsed and Continuous Vapor DeliveryAdhi, K. P.; Khandkar, M. D.; Limaye, A. V.; Narhe, R. D.; Ogale, S. B.; Sainkar, S. R.
2001Novel Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy: Infrared-Infrared-Visible Sum-Frequency GenerationBakker, Huib J.; Bonn, Mischa; Cho, Minhaeng; Heinz, Tony F.; Hess, Christian; Miners, James H.
2001Nothing Moves a Surface: Vacancy Mediated Surface DiffusionAlbada, S. B. van; Frenken, J. W. M.; Gastel, R. van; Saarloos, W. van; Somfai, W.
2001Superfluid Fraction of 3He-4He Mixtures Confined at 0.0483 µm between Silicon WafersGasparini; Francis M.; Kimball, Mark O.
2001Surface Vibrational Spectroscopic Study of Surface Melting of IceMiranda, Paulo B.; Shen, Y. R.; Wei, Xing
2001Convective Cahn-Hilliard Models: From Coarsening to RougheningDavis, S. H.; Golovin, A. A.; Nepomnyashchy, A. A.; Zaks, M. A.
2001Calculation of Quantum Tunneling for a Spatially Extended DefectCheong, Siew-Ann; Jacobsen, K. W.; Myers, Christopher R.; Ralph, Daniel C.; Sethna, James P.; Vegge, Tejs
2001Chemical Ordering in Al72Ni20Co8 Decagonal QuasicrystalsPennycook, Stephen J.; Yan, Yanfa
2001Pairing Interactions and Gibbs Adsorption at the Liquid Bi-In SurfaceBerman, L. E.; Deutsch, M.; DiMasi, E.; Huber, P.; Ocko, B. M.; Pershan, P. S.; Shpyrko, O. G.; Tostmann, H.
2001Complex gamma-Ray HologramKorecki, J.; Korecki, P.; Materlik, G.
2001Long-Pulse Improved Central Electron Confinement in the TCV Tokamak with Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current DriveAngioni, C.; Behn, R.; Coda, S.; Goodman, T. P.; Henderson, M. A.; Hofmann, F.; Pietrzyk, Z. A.; Sauter, O.
2001Optical Trirefringence in Photonic Crystal WaveguidesBaumberg, J. J.; Charlton, M. B. D.; Harris, A.; Netti, M. C.; Parker, G. J.; Whittaker, D. M.; Zoorob, M. E.
2001Dynamics of a Random Laser above ThresholdLagendijk, Ad.; Poelwijk, Frank J.; Soest, Gijs van; Sprik, Rudolf
2001Observation of Chaotic and Regular Dynamics in Atom-Optics BilliardsCarasso, Dina; Davidson, Nir; Friedman, Nir; Kaplan, Ariel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 70