Issue 12 : [58]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Superradiant and Stimulated Superradiant Emission in a Prebunched Beam Free-Electron MaserAbramovich, A.; Arbel, M.; Eichenbaum, A. L.; Gover, A.; Kleinman, H.
2001Onset of Wave Drag Due to Generation of Capillary-Gravity Waves by a Moving Object as a Critical PhenomenonBurghelea, Teodor; Steinberg, Victor
2001Grazing and Border-Collision in Piecewise-Smooth Systems: A Unified Analytical FrameworkBudd, C. J.; Champneys, A. R.; Di Bernardo, M.
2001Fresnel Light Drag in a Coherently Driven Moving MediumArtoni, M.; Bassani, F.; Carusotto, I.; La Rocca, G. C.
2001Structure and Magnetism of Neutral and Anionic Palladium ClustersBarnett, R. N.; Häkkinen, H.; Landman, Uzi; Moseler, M.
2001Counterintuitive Alignment of H2+ in Intense Femtosecond Laser FieldsCodling, K.; Frasinski, L. J.; Plumridge, J.; Posthumus, J. H.; Taday, P. F.
2001High pT Azimuthal Asymmetry in Noncentral A + A at RHICGyulassy, Miklos; Vitev, Ivan; Wang, Xin-Nian
2001Directed Flow of Lambda Hyperons in (2–6)A GeV Au + Au CollisionsAjitanand, N. N.; Alexander, J. M.; Anderson, M.; Best, D.; Chung, P.
2001Observation of Polarization in Bottomonium Production at sqrt(s) = 38.8 GeVAwes, T. C.; Beddo, M. E.; Brooks, M. L.; Brown, C. N.; Bush, J. D.
2001Ratio of Jet Cross Sections at sqrt(s) = 630 GeV and 1800 GeVAbbott, B.; Abolins, M.; Abramov, V.; Acharya, B. S.; Adams, D. L.
2001Measurement of CP-Violating Asymmetries in B0 Decays to CP EigenstatesAubert, B.; Boutigny, D.; De Bonis, I.; Gaillard, J.-M.; Jeremie, A.
2001Measurement of the CP Violation Parameter sin2phi1 in B0d Meson DecaysAbashian, A.; Abe, K.; Adachi, I.; Ahn, Byoung Sup; Aihara, H.
2001New Limit on the Permanent Electric Dipole Moment of 199HgGriffith, W. C.; Jacobs, J. P.; Romalis, M. V.
2001Naturally Small Seesaw Neutrino Mass with No New Physics Beyond the TeV ScaleMa, Ernest
2001Boundary Induced Phase Transitions in Driven Lattice Gases with Metastable StatesAppert, Cécile; Santen, Ludger
2001Ballistic Annihilation with Continuous Isotropic Initial Velocity DistributionKrapivsky, P. L.; Sire, Clément
2001Environment-Independent Decoherence Rate in Classically Chaotic SystemsJalabert, Rodolfo A.; Pastawski, Horacio M.
2001Shape of the Quantum Diffusion FrontDiener, R. B.; Oskay, Windell H.; Raizen, Mark G.; Steck, Daniel A.; Zhong, Jianxin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 58 of 58