Issue 17 : [60]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Coherence and Partial Coherence in Interacting Electron SystemsGefen, Yuval; König, Jürgen
2001Wigner Crystallization in Mesoscopic 2D Electron SystemsBonitz, M.; Filinov, A. V.; Lozovik, Yu. E.
2001Prediction of a Surface State and a Related Surface Insulator-Metal Transition for the (100) Surface of Stochiometric EuONolting, W.; Schiller, R.
2001Universal Crossover from Band to Hopping Conduction in Molecular Organic SemiconductorsBatlogg, Bertram; Kloc, Christian; Schön, Jan Hendrik
2001Bose-Einstein Condensation Quantum Kinetics for a Gas of Interacting ExcitonsBányai, L.; Gartner, P.; Haug, H.; Schmitt, O. M.; Tran Thoai, D. B.
2001Energetics and Electronic Structures of Encapsulated C60 in a Carbon NanotubeOkada, Susumu; Oshiyama, Atsushi; Saito, Susumu
2001Metal-Insulator Crossover in Superconducting Cuprates in Strong Magnetic FieldsMarchetti, P. A.; Su, Zhao-Bin; Yu, Lu
2001Nanostructured Copper Filaments in Electrochemical DepositionPeng, Ru-Wen; Wang, Mu; Yin, Xiao-Bo; Zhong, Sheng; Zhu, Jian-Ming
2001Jahn-Teller Phonon Anomaly and Dynamic Phase Fluctuations in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3Dai, Pengcheng; Fernandez-Baca, J. A.; Plummer, E. W.; Tomioka, Y.; Zhang, Jiandi
2001Direct Observation of Misfit Dislocation Glide on SurfacesBartelt, N. C.; De la Figuera, J.; Pohl, K.; Rodríguez de la Fuente, O.; Schmid, A. K.
2001GaAs(2 5 11): A New Stable Surface within the Stereographic TriangleGeelhaar, L.; Jacobi, K.; Kratzer, P.; Márquez, J.
2001Stability of Polar Oxide SurfacesMcGrath, R.; Norris, A.; Schedin, F.; Steadman, P.; Wander, A.
2001Direct Observation of Capillary Condensation of a SolidChristenson, Hugo K.; Qiao, Ying
2001Sound Wave Scattering in Network GlassesBörjesson, L.; Engberg, D.; Masciovecchio, C.; Matic, A.
2001X-Ray Studies of Phonon Softening in TiSe2Chiang, T.-C.; Chou, M. Y.; Holt, M.; Hong, Hawoong; Zschack, P.
2001New Source of Stacking Faults in Heteroepitaxial SystemsLim, S.-H.; Shindo, D.
2001Structural Investigations on Smectic Blue PhasesGrelet, Eric; Li, Min-Hui; Pansu, Brigitte; Tinh Nguyen, Huu
2001Alternative Mechanism for omega0/2 Emission in Laser-Produced PlasmasAfeyan, B. B.; Baker, K. L.; Drake, R. P.; Estabrook, K. G.
2001Doppler-Shifted Cyclotron Absorption of Electron Bernstein Waves via N||-Upshift in a Tokamak PlasmaIgami, H.; Kobayashi, T.; Maekawa, T.; Yamaguchi, S.; Yoshinaga, K.
2001Novel Final Focus Design for Future Linear CollidersRaimondi, Pantaleo; Seryi, Andrei
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 60