Issue 21 : [73]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Editorial of Physical Review Letters Volume 86-
2001Physical Review Letters--May 21, 2001 Contents-
2001Measurement of the Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Strength Distributions up to 10 MeV in the Doubly Magic Nuclei 40Ca and 48CaEnders, J.; Hartmann, T.; Mohr, P.; Vogt, K.; Volz, S.
2001Structural Principles and Amorphouslike Thermal Conductivity of Na-Doped Si ClathratesKer, A.; Ratcliffe, C. I.; Rousseau, R.; Tse, J. S.; Uehara, K.
2001Liu repliesLiu, Mario
2001Comment on "Invalidation of the Kelvin Force in Ferrofluids"Engel, A.
2001Ravindran and AroraArora, Akhilesh K.; Ravindran, T. R.
2001Comment on "High Pressure Behavior of ZrW2O8Chaplot, S. L.; Mittal, R.
2001Link, Maclennan, and ClarkClark, Noel A.; Link, Darren R.; Maclennan, Joseph E.
2001Antiferroelectricity in Liquid CrystalsBrand, Helmut R.; Cladis, P. E.; Pleiner, Harald
2001Effective-Area Elasticity and Tension of Micromanipulated MembranesAjdari, A.; Fournier, J.-B.; Peliti, L.
2001Long-Range Reactive Dynamics in MyoglobinChampion, Paul M.; Durbin, Stephen M.; Sage, J. Timothy; Sturhahn, Wolfgang; Wharton, David C.
2001Time Resolved Collapse of a Folding Protein Observed with Small Angle X-Ray ScatteringFinnefrock, A. C.; Kalidas, C.; Pollack, L.; Tate, M. W.; Trotter, S.
2001Mutual Information of Population Codes and Distance Measures in Probability SpaceKang, K.; Sompolinsky, H.
2001Clustering of Arrays of Chaotic Chemical Oscillators by Feedback and ForcingHudson, John L.; Kiss, István Z.; Wang, Wen
2001Optical Analogy to Electronic Quantum CorralsChicane, Cédric; David, Thierry; Girard, Christian; Weeber, Jean-Claude; des Francs, Gérard Colas
2001Heavy-Atom Skeleton Quantization and Proton Tunneling in "Intermediate-Barrier" Hydrogen BondsMarx, Dominik; Tuckerman, Mark E.
2001Optical Implementation of Continuous-Variable Quantum Cloning MachinesFiuráek, Jaromír
2001Optimal Cloning of Coherent States with a Linear Amplifier and Beam SplittersBraunstein, Samuel L.; Cerf, Nicolas J.; Iblisdir, Sofyan; Massar, Serge; van Loock, Peter
2001Spectrum of Luminescence from Laser-Created Bubbles in WaterBaghdassarian, Ohan; Chu, Han-Ching; Tabbert, Bernd; Williams, Gary A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 73