Issue 21 : [73]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Observation of Phonon Bottleneck in Quantum Dot Electronic RelaxationBhattacharya, P.; Norris, T. B.; Singh, J.; Urayama, J.
2001Chaotic Domain Patterns in Periodic Inhomogeneous Magnetic FilmsGarcía, N.; Osipov, V. V.; Ponizovskaya, E. V.; del Moral, A.
2001Stripes Induced by Orbital Ordering in Layered ManganitesDagotto, Elbio; Feiguin, Adrian; Hotta, Takashi
2001Reversal of Momentum RelaxationKobljanskyj, Yu. V.; Melkov, G. A.; Serga, A. A.; Slavin, A. N.; Tiberkevich, V. S.
2001High-Resolution Photoemission Study of MgB2Akimitsu, J.; Muranaka, T.; Sato, T.; Souma, S.; Takahashi, T.
2001Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Bi2Sr2CuO6 + 8Ando, Yoichi; Fischer, Ø.; Kugler, M.; Ono, S.; Renner, Ch.
2001Transport Anomalies and the Role of Pseudogap in the 60-K Phase of YBa2Cu3O7Ando, Yoichi; Segawa, Kouji
2001Theory of Equilibrium Flux Lattice in UPt3 under Magnetic Field Parallel to Hexagonal Crystal AxisChampel, T.; Mineev, V. P.
2001Isotope Effects in Underdoped Cuprate SuperconductorsKeller, H.; Schneider, T.
2001Fermi-Liquid Behavior of the Low-Density 2D Hole Gas in a GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructure at Large Values of rsPepper, M.; Proskuryakov, Y. Y.; Safonov, S. S.; Savchenko, A. K.; Simmons, M. Y.
2001Surface Soft Phonon and the × 3×3 Phase Transition in Sn/Ge(111) and Sn/Si(111)Flores, Fernando; Ortega, José; Pérez, Rubén
2001Coulomb Interaction and Quantum Transport through a Coherent ScattererGolubev, Dmitrii S.; Zaikin, Andrei D.
2001Fluorescence Intermittency in Self-Assembled InP Quantum DotsMasumoto, Yasuaki; Nishi, Kenichi; Ren, Hong-Wen; Sugisaki, Mitsuru
2001Epitaxial Growth of a Low-Density Framework Form of Crystalline SiliconKamei, Kazuhito; Moriguchi, Koji; Motooka, Teruaki; Munetoh, Shinji; Shintani, Akira
2001Novel Layered Superstructures in Mixed Ultralong n-AlkanesUngar, G.; Zeng, X. B.
2001Phase Coexistence during Surface Phase TransitionsHannon, J. B.; Meyer zu Heringdorf, F.-J.; Tersoff, J.; Tromp, R. M.
2001Observation of a Metastable Periodic Structure for the (001) Surface of KTaO3 after Cleaving In SituAkhadov, E. A.; Baker, Jeff; Boatner, L. A.; Bonart, D.; Li, Jaime A.
2001Self-Similarity and Pattern Selection in the Roughening of Binary Liquid FilmsHeuberger, Marcus; Hoppe, Harald; Klein, Jacob
2001Freezing of Dynamical Exponents in Low Dimensional Random MediaCastillo, Horacio E.; Doussal, Pierre Le
2001Particle Excursions in Colloidal CrystalsMegens, Mischa; Vos, Willem L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 73