Issue 21 : [73]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Pressure-Induced Invar Effect in Fe-Ni AlloysAbrikosov, Igor A.; Dubrovinskaia, Natalia; Dubrovinsky, Leonid; Vennström, Marie; Westman, Frank
2001Soft Acoustic Modes in the Two-Dimensional Spin System SrCu2(BO3)2Kageyama, H.; Lüthi, B.; Schmidt, S.; Wolf, B.; Zherlitsyn, S.
2001Effect of a Rippling Mode on Resonances of Carbon NanotubesJiang, Qing; Liu, Jefferson Z.; Zheng, Quanshui
2001Liquid AluminaCoutures, J. P.; Greaves, G. N.; Hennet, L.; Jenkins, T. E.; Landron, C.
2001Signature of Turbulent Zonal Flows Observed in the DIII-D TokamakBurrell, K. H.; Coda, S.; Porkolab, M.
2001Anisotropic Homogeneous TurbulenceBiferale, Luca; Toschi, Federico
2001Passive Scalar Intermittency in Low Temperature Helium FlowsAndersen, J. S.; Moisy, F.; Tabeling, P.; Willaime, H.
2001Critical Behavior of a Heavy Particle in a Granular FluidDufty, James W.; Santos, Andrés
2001Spiraling BubblesBosman, Dennis; Magnaudet, Jacques; Ohl, Claus-Dieter; Prosperetti, Andrea; Rensen, Judith
2001Anomalous Coherent Backscattering of Light from Opal Photonic CrystalsEradat, N.; Huang, J.; Raikh, M. E.; Vardeny, Z. V.; Zakhidov, A. A.
2001Effect of Stacking Faults on the Optical Properties of Inverted OpalsModinos, A.; Stefanou, N.; Yannopapas, V.
2001Electron Delocalization in Magnesium Clusters Grown in Supercold Helium DropletsBraune, Jenny; Diederich, Thomas; Döppner, Tilo; Meiwes-Broer, Karl-Heinz; Tiggesbäumker, Josef
2001Charge Transfer and Elastic Scattering in Very Slow H+ + D(1s) Half CollisionsBen-Itzhak, I.; Carnes, K. D.; Esry, B. D.; Wells, E.
2001Motional Effect in Surface Sum-Frequency Vibrational SpectroscopyShen, Y. R.; Wei, Xing
2001Sharp Spectral Lines Observed in gamma-Ray Ionized Parahydrogen CrystalsLindsay, C. Michael; Momose, Takamasa; Oka, Takeshi; Zhang, Yu
2001New Mechanism for the Enhancement of sd Dominance in Interacting Boson ModelsDukelsky, J.; Pittel, S.
2001Three- and Four-Nucleon Systems from Chiral Effective Field TheoryEpelbaum, E.; Glöckle, W.; Kamada, H.; Nogga, A.; Witala, H.
2001Flow at the SPS and RHIC as a Quark-Gluon Plasma SignatureLauret, J.; Shuryak, E. V.; Teaney, D.
2001Midrapidity Antiproton-to-Proton Ratio from Au + Au Collisions at sqrt(sNN) = 130 GeVAdler, C.; Ahammed, Z.; Allgower, C.; Anderson, M.; Averichev, G. S.
2001Observation of Color-Transparency in Diffractive Dissociation of PionsAitala, E. M.; Amato, S.; Anjos, J. C.; Appel, J. A.; Ashery, D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 73