Issue 22 : [61]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Effects of Point Defects on the Phase Diagram of Vortex States in High-Tc Superconductors in the B || c AxisHu, Xiao; Nonomura, Yoshihiko
2001Defect-Unbinding and the Bose-Glass Transition in Layered SuperconductorsBouffard, S.; Chikumoto, N.; Konczykowski, M.; Samoilov, A. V.; Van der Beek, C. J.
2001Vortex Collisions: Crossing or Recombination?Bou-Diab, Malek; J. W. Dodgson, Matthew
2001Fano and Kondo Resonance in Electronic Current through NanodevicesBulka, Bogdan R.; Stefanski, Piotr
2001High Frequency Conductivity in the Quantum Hall RegimeHaug, R. J.; Hohls, F.; Zeitler, U.
2001Coulomb Blockade and Coherent Single-Cooper-Pair Tunneling in Single Josephson JunctionsHaviland, David B.; Watanabe, Michio
2001Correlation between Quantized Electronic States and Oscillatory Thickness Relaxations of 2D Pb Islands on Si(111)-(7×7) SurfacesChang, C. S.; Chang, S. H.; Chen, L. J.; Jian, W. B.; Su, W. B.
2001Indirect Interaction of Solid-State Qubits via Two-Dimensional Electron GasGlasser, M. Lawrence; Mozyrsky, Dima; Privman, Vladimir
2001Quantum Well Behavior without Confining Barrier Observed via Dynamically Screened Photon FieldBarman, S. R.; Horn, K.; Häberle, P.; Liebsch, A.; Maytorena, J. A.
2001Aharonov-Bohm Cages in 2D Normal Metal NetworksFaini, Giancarlo; Mailly, Dominique; Naud, Cécile
2001Ab Initio Fermi Surface Calculation for Charge-Density Wave Instability in Transition Metal Oxide BronzesFoury-Leylekian, Pascale; Pouget, Jean-Paul; Ravy, Sylvain; Sandre, Eric
2001Ladder Operator for the One-Dimensional Hubbard ModelGould, Mark D.; Links, Jon; McKenzie, Ross H.; Zhou, Huan-Qiang
2001Quantum Diffusion of H/Ni(111) through a Monte Carlo Wave Function FormalismAla-Nissila, T.; Badescu, S. C.; Ying, S. C.
2001Spatial Variation of Au Coverage as the Driving Force for Nanoscopic Pattern FormationHeun, S.; Hild, R.; Meyer zu Heringdorf, Frank-J.; Schmidt, T.; Zahl, P.
2001Solidification of a Supercooled Liquid in a Narrow ChannelGrant, Martin; Provatas, Nikolas; Sabouri-Ghomi, Mohsen
2001Nucleation of Water and Methanol Droplets on Cations and Anions: The Sign PreferenceGao, G. T.; Oh, K. J.; Zeng, X. C.
2001Minimum Spanning Trees on Random NetworksDobrin, R.; Duxbury, P. M.
2001Simple "Kink" Model of Melt Intercalation in Polymer-Clay NanocompositesGendelman, Oleg V.; Ginzburg, Valeriy V.
2001Controlling Crystal Surface Termination by Cleavage DirectionPlomp, M.; Van Enckevort, W. J. P.
2001Quantitative Atomic-Scale Analysis of Interface Structures: Transmission Electron Microscopy and Local Density Functional TheoryElsässer, C.; Gemming, T.; Kurtz, W.; Marinopoulos, A. G.; Nufer, S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 61