Issue 24 : [61]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Editorial of Physical Review Letters Volume 86-
2001Physical Review Letters--June 11, 2001 Contents-
2001Reply: König, Lin, and MacDonaldKönig, J.; Lin, H. H.; MacDonald, A. H.
2001Comment on "Theory of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Ferromagnetism"Chang, Ming-Che; Sun, Shih-Jye; Yang, Min-Fong
2001Bose-Einstein Condensation in Complex NetworksBarabási, Albert-László; Bianconi, Ginestra
2001Photonic-Band-Gap Resonator GyrotronKreischer, K. E.; Machuzak, J.; Mastovsky, I.; Shapiro, M. A.; Sirigiri, J. R.
2001Facilitated Substrate Transport through Membrane ProteinsHilty, C.; Winterhalter, M.
2001New High-Efficiency Source of Photon Pairs for Engineering Quantum EntanglementKawahara, Karin; Kuga, Takahiro; Sanaka, Kaoru
2001Energy Transport Induced by an External Alternating Field in Strongly Disordered MediaBurin, Alexander L.; Kagan, Yuri; Polishchuk, Il'ya Ya.
2001Doppler Broadening of In-Flight Positron Annihilation Radiation due to Electron MomentumCassidy, D. B.; Cowan, T. E.; Howell, R. H.; Hunt, A. W.; Sterne, P. A.
2001Stimulated Scattering of Indirect Excitons in Coupled Quantum Wells: Signature of a Degenerate Bose-Gas of ExcitonsButov, L. V.; Imamoglu, A.; Ivanov, A. L.; Littlewood, P. B.; Shashkin, A. A.
2001Control of Coherent Acoustic Phonons in Semiconductor Quantum WellsEveritt, Henry O.; Lee, Chang-Won; Özgür, Ümit
2001Optical Resonance in a Narrow Slit in a Thick Metallic ScreenTakakura, Y.
2001Perpendicular Spin Orientation in Ultrasmall Fe Islands on W(110)Bansmann, J.; Bettac, A.; Jonas, K. L.; Röhlsberger, R.; Senz, V.
2001Ferromagnetism in Magnetically Doped III-V SemiconductorsDugaev, V. K.; Litvinov, V. I.
2001Study of the eg Orbitals in the Bilayer Manganite La2–2xSr1 + 2xMn2O7 by Using Magnetic Compton-Profile MeasurementHiraoka, Nozomu; Kakutani, Yukinobu; Koizumi, Akihisa; Koizumi, Hiroyasu; Miyaki, Satoru
2001Determination of the Spin Polarization of Half-Metallic CrO2 by Point Contact Andreev ReflectionByers, J. M.; Chien, C. L.; Ji, Y.; Strijkers, G. J.; Yang, F. Y.
2001Tunneling Spectroscopy in Small Grains of Superconducting MgB2Rubio-Bollinger, G.; Suderow, H.; Vieira, S.
2001Dual Nature of the Electronic Structure of (La2–x–yNdySrx)CuO4 and La1.85Sr0.15CuO4Bogdanov, P. V.; Kellar, S. A.; Lu, E. D.; Yoshida, T.; Zhou, X. J.
2001From Favorable Atomic Configurations to Supershell Structures: A New Interpretation of Conductance HistogramsHasmy, A.; Medina, E.; Serena, P. A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 61