Authors: Altenheiner, Silke
Title: Investigation of n +-in-n planar silicon pixel detectors for application in the ATLAS experiment
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: One of the two large multi-purpose detectors at the LHC at CERN is the ATLAS detector. The ATLAS detector consists of several sub-detectors, each with diffe- rent tasks. The ATLAS pixel detector was enlarged with a fourth pixel layer, the Insetable B-Layer (IBL) during the first long shutdown. The IBL will increase the tracking performance under high-luminosity conditions. The IBL consists to 75% of n+-in-n slim edge planar pixel sensors. Sensors with a thickness of 200 µm and a requested fluence of 5 x 10 15 n eq cm2 were investigated in terms of leakage current per pixel, power dissipation, and average hit efficiency at bias voltages up to 1000V and a temperature of -15°C. Testbeam and laboratory measurements for the sensor decision for the IBL are presented.
Subject Headings: ATLAS
Subject Headings (RSWK): LHC
ATLAS <Teilchendetektor>
Issue Date: 2015
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