Issue 03 : [63]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Superconducting 2D System with Lifted Spin DegeneracyGorkov, Lev P.; Rashba, Emmanuel I.
2001Observation of Andreev Surface Bound States in the 3-K Phase Region of Sr2RuO4Jin, R.; Liu, Y.; Maeno, Y.; Mao, Z. Q.; Nelson, K. D.
2001Evidence of Two Distinct Dynamic Critical Exponents in Connection with Vortex PhysicsKim, Beom Jun; Minnhagen, Petter; Weber, Hans
2001Giant Anharmonicity and Nonlinear Electron-Phonon Coupling in MgB2Brown, C. M.; Gülseren, O.; Lynn, J. W.; Udovic, T. J.; Yildirim, T.
2001Evolution of Fractal Patterns during a Classical-Quantum TransitionBird, J. P.; Davies, A. G.; Micolich, A. P.; Newbury, R.; Taylor, R. P.
2001Observation of a Linearly Dispersing Collective Mode in a Quantum Hall FerromagnetEisenstein, J. P.; Pfeiffer, L. N.; Spielman, I. B.; West, K. W.
2001Hard Correlation Gap Observed in Quench-Condensed Ultrathin BerylliumBielejec, E.; Ruan, J.; Wu, Wenhao
2001Quantum Monte Carlo Analysis of Exchange and Correlation in the Strongly Inhomogeneous Electron GasFoulkes, W. M. C.; Needs, R. J.; Nekovee, Maziar
2001Model for Intrinsic Stress Formation in Amorphous Thin FilmsMayr, S. G.; Samwer, K.
2001Two-Atom Structures of Ge on Si(100): Dimers versus Adatom PairsDalpian, G. M.; Fazzio, A.; Janotti, A.; da Silva, Antônio J. R.
2001Adsorption Sites and Ligand Effect for CO on an Alloy Surface: A Direct ViewBus, V.; Gauthier, Y.; Lundgren, E.; Padovani, S.; Schmid, M.
2001Corners, Cusps, and Pearls in Running DropsFlesselles, J.-M.; Limat, L.; Podgorski, T.
2001Alloying Effects on Electromigration Mass TransportArzt, E.; Dekker, J. P.; Gumbsch, P.; Volkert, C. A.
2001Surface Patterson Function by Inversion of Low-Energy Electron Diffraction I-V Spectra at Multiple Incident AnglesTong, S. Y.; Wu, Huasheng
2001Footprints in Sand: The Response of a Granular Material to Local PerturbationsBehringer, R. P.; Geng, Junfei; Howell, D.; Longhi, E.; Reydellet, G.
2001Modification of the Superfluid 3He Phase Diagram by Impurity ScatteringGervais, G.; Haard, T. M.; Halperin, W. P.; Mulders, N.; Nomura, R.
2001Orthorhombic Intermediate State in the Zinc Blende to Rocksalt Transformation Path of SiC at High PressureCatti, Michele
2001Surface Reconstruction of an Ordered Fluid: An Analogy with Crystal SurfacesKnoll, A.; Konrad, M.; Krausch, G.; Magerle, R.; Rehse, N.
2001Theoretical Identification of the Smallest Fullerene, C20Miyamoto, Yoshiyuki; Saito, Mineo
2001Breather Induced Modification of the Speed of SoundHu, Bambi; Tekic, Jasmina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 63