Issue 09 : [52]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Even-Odd Behavior of Conductance in Monatomic Sodium WiresChang, K. J.; Lee, H.-W.; Sim, H.-S.
2001Exclusion of Quantum Coherence as the Origin of the 2D Metallic State in High-Mobility Silicon Inversion LayersBauer, G.; Brunthaler, G.; Prinz, A.; Pudalov, V. M.
2001Noncontact Friction and Force Fluctuations between Closely Spaced BodiesKenny, T. W.; Mamin, H. J.; Rugar, D.; Stipe, B. C.; Stowe, T. D.
2001Quantum Pump for Spin and Charge Transport in a Luttinger LiquidChamon, Claudio; Sharma, Prashant
2001Depinning with Dynamic Stress OvershootsFisher, Daniel S.; Schwarz, J. M.
2001Rate-Dependent Slip of Newtonian Liquid at Smooth SurfacesGranick, Steve; Zhu, Yingxi
2001Nanomechanical Resonator Shuttling Single Electrons at Radio FrequenciesBlick, R. H.; Erbe, A.; Weiss, C.; Zwerger, W.
2001Viscosity of Interfacial WaterGranick, Steve; Zhu, Yingxi
2001Coexistence of Atomic and Molecular Chemisorption StatesChristmann, Klaus; Hafner, Jürgen; Kresse, Georg; Lischka, Markus; Schmidt, Pia K.
2001Unusual Multilayer Surface AlloyAdams, D. L.; Andersen, J. N.; Borg, M.; Mikkelsen, A.; Petersen, J. H.
2001Mesoscopic Correlation of Supramolecular Chirality in One-Dimensional Hydrogen-Bonded AssembliesBarth, J. V.; Cai, C.; De Vita, A.; Kern, K.; Weckesser, J.
2001Morphological Instability of Liquid Metallic Nuclei Condensing on Charged InhomogeneitiesGrinfeld, Pavel
2001Ab Initio Design of Perovskite Alloys with Predetermined PropertiesBellaiche, L.; Íñiguez, Jorge
2001Size-Dependent Melting of Self-Assembled Indium NanostructuresDippel, M.; Evenson, W. E.; Gimple, V.; Maier, A.; Wider, H.
2001Electronic Structure and Field-Emission Characteristics of Open-Ended Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesDuan, Wenhui; Gu, Binglin; Zhou, Gang
2001Nature of eg Electron Order in La1–xSr1 + xMnO4Kaneko, N.; Larochelle, S.; Mang, P. K.; Mehta, A.; Panchula, A. F.
2001Hydrogen-Enhanced Local Plasticity in AluminumKaxiras, Efthimios; Kioussis, Nicholas; Lu, Gang; Zhang, Qing
2001Rapid Large-Scale Magnetic-Field Dissipation in a Collisionless Current Sheet via Coupling between Kelvin-Helmholtz and Lower-Hybrid Drift InstabilitiesFujimoto, M.; Hoshino, M.; Shinohara, I.; Suzuki, H.
2001High-Gradient Millimeter-Wave Accelerator on a Planar Dielectric SubstrateAdolphsen, Chris; Baumgartner, W.; Callin, Richard S.; Hill, Marc E.; Lin, Xintian E.
2001High-Efficiency Beam Extraction and Collimation Using Channeling in Very Short Bent CrystalsAfonin, A. G.; Baranov, V. T.; Biryukov, V. M.; Breese, M. B. H.; Chepegin, V. N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 52