Authors: Rauf, Abdul
Bhatnagar, Aseem
Sisodia, S. S.
Khar, Roop K.
Ahmad, Farhan J.
Title: Lungs deposition and pharmacokinetic study of submicron budesonide particles in Wistar rats intended for immediate effect in asthma
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The purpose of the present investigation was to study the aerosolization, lungs deposition and pharmacokinetic study of inhalable submicron particles of budesonide in male Wistar rats. Submicron particles were prepared by antisolvent nanoprecipitation method and freeze-dried to obtain free flowing powder. The freeze-drying process yielded dry powder with desirable aerodynamic properties for inhalation therapy. An in-house model inhaler was designed to deliver medicine to lungs, optimized at dose level of 10 mg for 30 sec of fluidization. The in vitro aerosolization study demonstrates that submicron particles dissolve faster with improved aerosolization effect as compared to micronized budesonide. Both submicron and micron particles were compared for in vivo lungs dep- osition. The results showed that relatively high quantity of submicron particles reaches deep into the lungs as compared to micron particles. Most pronounced effect observed with submicron particles from pharmacokinetic parameters was the enhancement in peak plasma concentration (Cmax) by 28.85 %, and increase in area under concentration curve (AUC0–8h) by 30.33 % compared to micron sized particles. The results suggested that devel- oped submicronized formulation of budesonide can be used for pulmonary drug delivery for high deposition to deep lungs tissues.
Subject Headings: budesonide
submicron particles
lungs deposition
Issue Date: 2017-03-10
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