Issue 18 : [73]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Magnetic and Superconducting Instabilities of the Hubbard Model at the Van Hove FillingHonerkamp, Carsten; Salmhofer, Manfred
2001Magnetoresistance of Proximity-Coupled Au WiresBlack, M. J.; Dikin, D. A.
2001Origin of the Roughness Exponent in Elastic Strings at the Depinning ThresholdKrauth, Werner; Rosso, Alberto
2001Giant Magnetoresistance by Exchange Springs in DyFe2/YFe2 SuperlatticesBeaujour, J.-M. L.; Bowden, G. J.; De Groot, P. A. J.; Gordeev, S. N.; Rainford, B. D.
2001Superconductivity at 1 K in Cd2Re2O7Hanawa, M.; Muraoka, Y.; Sakakibara, T.; Tayama, T.; Yamaura, J.
2001Electronic Transport in Metal Nanocrystal Arrays: The Effect of Structural Disorder on Scaling BehaviorJaeger, Heinrich M.; Lin, Xiao-Min; Parthasarathy, Raghuveer
2001Fermi Liquid to Luttinger Liquid Transition at the Edge of a Two-Dimensional Electron GasGrayson, M.; Hilke, M.; Pfeiffer, L. N.; Tsui, D. C.; West, K. W.
2001Dynamical Offset Charges in Single-Electron TransistorsDolan, G. J.; Grupp, D. E.; Wingreen, Ned S.; Zhang, T.
2001Scaling Analysis of Magnetic-Field-Tuned Phase Transitions in One-Dimensional Josephson Junction ArraysChen, C. D.; Kuo, Watson
2001Modeling Two-Roton Bound State Formation in the Fractional Quantum Hall SystemBaskaran, G.; Ghosh, Tarun Kanti
2001Fractional Surface Doping by Topological Neutral Wall Intersections on Ge(111)Ballabio, G.; Goldoni, A.; Modesti, S.; Tosatti, E.
2001Interaction-Induced Restoration of Phase CoherenceAmbegaokar, V.; Brouwer, P. W.; Clerk, A. A.
2001Diagrammatic Quantum Monte Carlo for Two-Body Problems: Applied to ExcitonsBurovski, E. A.; Mishchenko, A. S.; Prokof'ev, N. V.; Svistunov, B. V.
2001Cellular Dynamical Mean Field Approach to Strongly Correlated SystemsBiroli, Giulio; Kotliar, Gabriel; Pálsson, Gunnar; Savrasov, Sergej Y.
2001Copper/Diamond Adhesion and Hydrogen TerminationSmith, John R.; Wang, Xiao-Gang
2001Step Dynamics in 3D Crystal Shape RelaxationEmundts, A.; Reutt-Robey, J. E.; Thürmer, K.; Uwaha, M.; Williams, Ellen D.
2001Sharp Rigid to Floppy Phase Transition Induced by Dangling Ends in a Network GlassBoolchand, P.; Georgiev, D. G.; Jackson, Koblar; Wang, Y.; Wells, J.
2001Dewetting of Highly Elastic Thin Polymer FilmsReiter, Günter
2001Evolution of Hydrogen Platelets in Silicon Determined by Polarized Raman SpectroscopyLavrov, E. V.; Weber, J.
2001Ion Fluctuations within an Aqueous Microdroplet in an Apolar MediumSheng, Yu-Jane; Tsao, Heng-Kwong
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 73