Authors: Noorafshan, Ali
Karimi, Fatemeh
Karbalay-Doust, Saied
Kamali, Ali Mohammad
Title: Using curcumin to prevent structural and behavioral changes of medial prefrontal cortex induced by sleep deprivation in rats
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Sleep Deprivation (SD) is known to result in a range of neurological consequences in chronically-afflicted subjects. Curcumin, a natural substance, has neuroprotective properties. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of curcumin on the medial Prefrontal Cortex (mPFC) of SD rats. Male rats were arbitrarily assigned to nine groups, including control, curcumin (100 mg/kg/day), olive oil, SD, SD+curcumin, SD+olive oil, grid, grid+curcumin, and grid+ol- ive oil groups. SD was induced by a multiplatform box containing water. After a period of 21 days, the learning and memory of the rats were tested in an eight-arm radial maze. Afterwards, their brains were evaluated using stereological methods. Concomitant treatment of curcumin during SD caused fewer errors during evaluation of the working and reference memory errors in the acquisition and retention phases. The overall volume of the mPFC, Infralimbic Cortex (ILC), Prelimbic Cortex (PLC), Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) and the total number of neurons and glial cells reduced by 20 %-40 % on average in the SD animals in comparison to the control group. This indicated atrophic changes and cell loss in these areas (p < 0.01). The dendrites’ length and the number of spines per dendrite also reduced by 35 %-55 % in the SD rats compared to the ones in the control group (p < 0.01). Yet, treatment of the SD animals with curcumin prevented the atrophic changes of the mPFC, cell loss, and den- dritic changes (p < 0.05). SD induced structural changes in the mPFC and memory impairment in the rats. However, curcumin could protect their PFC.
Subject Headings: sleep deprivation
Issue Date: 2017-04-18
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