Authors: Schumacher, E.
Kümper, S.
Kryukov, I.
Böhm, S.
Title: Analysis of the Weld Seam Area of Magnetic Pulse Welded Aluminium-Steel-Sheet-Connections on its Suitability as a Sign of Quality
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This paper deals with the characterisation of the weld seam area of magnetic pulse welded aluminium-steel-sheet-connections for different material combinations and its suitability as a sign of quality. The goal of this work is to suggest a relationship between the weld seam area and the strength of the generated joint. Based on the results of this work, the weld seam area could be established as a basis of design and for dimensioning the magnetic pulse welded hybrid joints. To identify the correlation of the generated weld seam area with the maximum tensile force of the welded samples, several aluminium-steel-joints were welded and tested using tensile shear test. Thereafter, the weld seam area was measured and correlated to the maximum bearable tensile force of the joint. The tested material combinations were EN AW-1050A-H14 / S235JR and EN AW-6016-T6 / HCT780X. The results illustrate a positive linear correlation between the weld seam area of the joint and the maximum tensile force. At the same time further weld seam irregularities were identified which have to be considered for evaluating the suitability of the weld seam area as a sign of quality. Additionally, in order to prevent such irregularities or to ensure a good weld seam, the non-destructive testing method of active thermography is presented.
Subject Headings: magnetic pulse welding
Subject Headings (RSWK): Aluminium
Issue Date: 2018-05-15
Is part of: 8th International Conference on High Speed Forming
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