Issue 27 : [68]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Counting Statistics for Arbitrary Cycles in Quantum PumpsMakhlin, Yuriy; Mirlin, Alexander D.
2001Quantized Adiabatic Charge Transport in a Carbon NanotubeLevitov, L. S.; Novikov, D. S.; Simons, B. D.; Talyanskii, V. I.
2001Insulator at the Ultrathin Limit: MgO on Ag(001)Libioulle, Laurent; Messerli, Stéphane; Patthey, François; Pivetta, Marina; Schintke, Silvia
2001Transport and Lifetime Enhancement of Photoexcited Spins in GaAs by Surface Acoustic WavesEshlaghi, S.; Santos, P. V.; Sogawa, T.; Wieck, A. D.; Zhang, S. K.
2001Deconfinement Transition and Luttinger to Fermi Liquid Crossover in Quasi-One-Dimensional SystemsBiermann, S.; Georges, A.; Giamarchi, T.; Lichtenstein, A.
2001Cerium Volume Collapse: Results from the Merger of Dynamical Mean-Field Theory and Local Density ApproximationHeld, K.; McMahan, A. K.; Scalettar, R. T.
2001Spectral and Magnetic Properties of alpha- and gamma-Ce from Dynamical Mean-Field Theory and Local Density ApproximationAnisimov, V. I.; Keller, J.; Nekrasov, I. A.; Pruschke, Th.; Zölfl, M. B.
2001High Level Ab Initio Calculations of the Optical Gap of Small Silicon Quantum DotsGaroufalis, C. S.; Grimme, Stefan; Zdetsis, Aristides D.
2001Chemically Induced Metal-to-Insulator Transition in Au55 ClustersBoyen, H.-G.; Kästle, G.; Schmid, G.; Weigl, F.; Ziemann, P.
2001Role of Steps and of Terrace Width in Gas-Surface Interaction: O2/Ag(410)Rocca, M.; Savio, L.; Vattuone, L.
2001Origins of Nonstoichiometry and Vacancy Ordering in Sc1–x[square, open]xSHart, Gus L. W.; Zunger, Alex
2001Identifying and Indexing Icosahedral Quasicrystals from Powder Diffraction PatternsDeffeyes, Kenneth; Lu, Peter J.; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Yao, Nan
2001Flexoelectric Surface Switching of Bistable Nematic DevicesDenniston, Colin; Yeomans, J. M.
2001Confined Molecules under Shear: From a Microscopic Description to PhenomenologyFilippov, A. E.; Klafter, J.; Urbakh, M.
2001Root-Growth Mechanism for Single-Wall Carbon NanotubesDucastelle, F.; Gavillet, J.; Journet, C.; Loiseau, A.; Willaime, F.
2001Calculation of a Deuterium Double Shock Hugoniot from Ab Initio SimulationsCeperley, D. M.; Collins, L. A.; Johnson, J. D.; Kress, J. D.; Militzer, B.
2001New delta (Distorted-bcc) Titanium to 220 GPaAkahama, Yuichi; Kawamura, Haruki; Le Bihan, Tristan
2001Experimental and Theoretical Identification of a New High-Pressure TiO2 PolymorphAhuja, Rajeev; Dmitriev, V.; Dubrovinskaia, Natalia A.; Dubrovinsky, Leonid S.; Prokopenko, Vitaly B.
2001Quantum Signature of Superfluid TurbulenceBarenghi, C. F.; Khan, M. A. I.; Kivotides, D.; Samuels, D. C.; Vassilicos, J. C.
2001Effect of Pressure on Statics, Dynamics, and Stability of Multielectron BubblesDevreese, J. T.; Silvera, Isaac F.; Tempere, J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 68