Authors: Fenner, Pascal
Title: Efficient Use of the Existing Real Estate Infrastructure for Electric Vehicle Charging
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The intention to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector is increasing the im- portance of the electric vehicle. In this context, the development of a nationwide charging infrastructure also becomes a central aspect. To avoid a cost explosion, efficient charging strategies are therefore of great importance. In this work, it is analyzed to what extent free line capacities of the existing (build- ing) infrastructure can be used in order to provide new charging stations at low cost. Especially the approach of low power charging plays a central role. For the analysis, charging processes for different building types are simulated and evaluated using Java-based tools. The influence of different input parameters, such as the average distances traveled, on the quality of service of the charging system is analyzed as well. Despite low capacities a high potential becomes visible. Due to comparatively long parking times of the vehicles, higher penetration rates of electric cars result in satisfying charging results too.The low power charging approach can therefore make an enormous impact on a quick expansion of the charging infras- tructure. An equally large potential becomes visible with the analysis of real low power charg- ing data. The results show that for more than half of the charging events the parking time exceeds the pure charging time. In order to use this potential, two optimization approaches are presented within the scope of the work. Their goal is to minimize the total load of the charging system without changing the state of charge of the battery when the customer returns to the vehicle. It shows that peak loads at some locations can be reduced on a scale of up to 50 percent. By using this large peak shaving potential, further charging stations can be installed without unnecessarily large investments.
Issue Date: 2019-10-16
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