Authors: Moeini, Ghazal
Ramazani, Ali
Myslicki, Sebastian
Sundararaghavan, Veera
Könke, Carsten
Title: Low cycle fatigue behaviour of DP steels
Other Titles: Micromechanical modelling vs. validation
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This study aims to simulate the stabilised stress-strain hysteresis loop of dual phase (DP) steel using micromechanical modelling. For this purpose, the investigation was conducted both experimentally and numerically. In the experimental part, the microstructure characterisation, monotonic tensile tests and low cycle fatigue tests were performed. In the numerical part, the representative volume element (RVE) was employed to study the effect of the DP steel microstructure of the low cycle fatigue behavior of DP steel. A dislocation-density based model was utilised to identify the tensile behavior of ferrite and martensite. Then, by establishing a correlation between the monotonic and cyclic behavior of ferrite and martensite phases, the cyclic deformation properties of single phases were estimated. Accordingly, Chaboche kinematic hardening parameters were identified from the predicted cyclic curve of individual phases in DP steel. Finally, the predicted hysteresis loop from low cycle fatigue modelling was in very good agreement with the experimental one. The stabilised hysteresis loop of DP steel can be successfully predicted using the developed approach.
Subject Headings: Dual-phase (DP) steel
Representative volume element (RVE)
Dislocation-based model
Cyclic deformation
Hysteresis curve
Subject Headings (RSWK): Dualphasenstahl
Zyklische Deformation
Issue Date: 2017-07-11
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