Authors: Orlowsky, Jeanette
Braun, Franziska
Groh, Melanie
Title: The influence of 30 years outdoor weathering on the durability of hydrophobic agents applied on Obernkirchener Sandstones
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The durability of eleven different water repellents applied on one sandstone type was studied after a long-term weathering at seven different locations in Germany. By measuring colour changes, it could be shown that the formation of black crusts, the deposition of particles and biogenic growth caused a gradual darkening as well as significant changes in total colour over time. Additionally, the water absorption behaviour was investigated with two different methods: applying a low pressure using the pipe method and capillary water absorption measurements from a wet underlay. Afterwards, the test results were analysed with four different evaluation methods: calculation of the protection degree from pipe method and capillary water absorption, determination of the velocity of water uptake during capillary water absorption and calculation of the damaged depth of the stone surface using single-sided NMR technique. The growing damaged depth leads to an increase of the water uptake velocity and to a decrease of the protection degree of the applied hydrophobing agents. Three protective agents based on isobutyltrimethoxysilane showed already after two years of outdoor weathering a clear loss of performance, which significantly increased after 30 years of exposure.
Subject Headings: Conservation
Natural stone
Long-term weathered
Water repellents
Single-sided NMR
Subject Headings (RSWK): Konservierung
Issue Date: 2020-01-20
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