Authors: Kreuz, Felix
Bucherer, Michael
Juraschek, Max
Clausen, Uwe
Title: Urban Factories – Establishing resource-efficiency in production logistics systems in cities
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Cities are a hotspot for resource consumption and related impacts. This is induced, among others, by transportation, production and the use of products and services. Industrial production is commonly associated with negative impacts, e.g. on the environment or traffic. Through positive integration of production sites into urban surroundings, negative impacts can be eliminated, and even positive impacts achieved. To reach a higher degree of integration of different utilizations in cities, resource-efficiency, new conceptual approaches are required for urban factories, city authorities and further stakeholders. For this purpose, a methodology has been developed that describes the planning processes of the involved disciplines and their interdependencies concerning content and timing. Subsequently, an analysis of Urban Factories within a reference framework called the factory-city-system and its key resources is carried out in an exemplary case study. Measures to enhance resource-efficiency are thus dentified, exemplarily described and examined regarding their potential to raise resource-efficiency.
Subject Headings: urban factories
urban logistics
sustainable development
Subject Headings (RSWK): Fabrik
Issue Date: 2020-03-12
Appears in Collections:Institut für Transportlogistik

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