Authors: Otte, Felix
Koller, Stephan G.
Golz, Christopher
Strohmann, Carsten
Title: Crystal structures of di­aquadi-μ-hydroxido-tris­­[tri­methyl­tin(IV)] diformatotri­methyl­stannate(IV) and di-μ-hydroxido-tris­­[tri­methyl­tin(IV)] chloride monohydrate
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The title compounds, [Sn3(CH3)9(OH)2(H2O)2][Sn(CH3)3(CHO2)2] (1) and [Sn3(CH3)9(OH)2]Cl·H2O (2), are partially condensed products of hydrolysed tri­methyl­tin chloride. In the structures of 1 and 2, short cationic tris­tannatoxanes (C9H29O2Sn3) are bridged by a diformatotri­methyl­tin anion or a chloride anion, respectively. Hydrogen bridges are present and supposedly stabilize these structures against further polymerization to the known polymeric tri­methyl­tin hydroxide. Especially noteworthy is that the formate present in this structure was formed from atmospheric CO2.
Subject Headings: Crystal structure
Trimethyltin hydroxide
Hydrogen bonding
Issue Date: 2016-09-30
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