Authors: Wiegold, Tillmann
Klinge, Sandra
Title: Numerical simulation of cyclic deformation behavior of SLM‐manufactured aluminum alloys
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The selective laser melting process has already been developed for many metallic materials, including steel, aluminum, and titanium. The quasi‐static properties of these materials have been found to be comparable or even better than their conventionally manufactured counterparts. However, for their reliable application in operational components, their fatigue behavior plays a critical role. This phenomenon is dominated by several process‐related features, such as surface roughness, remnant porosity, microstructure and residual stresses. The present contribution shows a model which relies on an assumption for the Helmholtz free energy and the dissipation potential. To be more precise: the phase‐field method is applied to simulate the damage evolution, whereas plastic effects are modeled in terms of the isotropic hardening. It is assumed that the damage evolution only occurs in the tension mode of a cyclic load, which is achieved by the decomposition of the stored energy. The numerical results give insight into the evolution of plastic deformations and of damage at a material point and for a chosen mesoscopic sample.
Subject Headings (RSWK): Selektives Laserschmelzen
Freie Energie
Issue Date: 2021-01-25
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