Authors: Kirstein, Erik
Zhukov, Evgeny A.
Smirnov, Dmitry S.
Nedelea, Vitalie
Greve, Phillip
Kalitukha, Ina V.
Sapega, Viktor F.
Pawlis, Alexander
Yakovlev, Dmitri R.
Bayer, Manfred
Greilich, Alex
Title: Extended spin coherence of the zinc-vacancy centers in ZnSe with fast optical access
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Qubits based on crystal defect centers have been shown to exhibit long spin coherence times, up to seconds at room temperature. However, they are typically characterized by a comparatively slow initialization timescale. Here, fluorine implantation into ZnSe epilayers is used to induce defect states that are identified as zinc vacancies. We study the carrier spin relaxation in these samples using various pump-probe measurement methods, assessing phenomena such as resonant spin amplification, polarization recovery, and spin inertia in transverse or longitudinal magnetic field. The spin dynamics in isotopically natural ZnSe show a significant influence of the nuclear spin bath. Removing this source of relaxation by using isotopic purification, we isolate the anisotropic exchange interaction as the main spin dephasing mechanism and find spin coherence times of 100 ns at room temperature, with the possibility of fast optical access on the picosecond time scales through excitonic transitions of ZnSe.
Subject Headings: Magnetic properties and materials
Issue Date: 2021-09-06
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