Authors: Schmidt, Ann-Christin
Hiersemann, Martin
Title: Total synthesis and structural assignment of (−)-fusaequisin A
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: (−)-Fusaequisin A is an irregularly assembled polyketide isolated from the ascomycete Fusarium equiseti. Fusaequisin A shares a carbon backbone with curvicollide C from the ascomycete Podospora curvicolla but its absolute configuration remained hitherto unsettled. Herein, we document the total synthesis of (−)-fusaequisin A and its 4-O-desmethyl derivative following a central-to-lateral building block strategy. Catalytic asymmetric Claisen rearrangement, Julia-Kocienski olefination and olefin cross-metathesis served as key C/C-connecting transformations. The constitution and absolute configuration of (−)-fusaequisin A was deduced and the original structural assignment was adjusted.
Subject Headings: Asymmetric synthesis
Natural products
Structural elucidation
Total synthesis
Issue Date: 2021-11-11
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