Authors: Schmidt, Henri
Title: State-preserving container orchestration in failover scenarios
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Containers have been widely adopted for deployment of high availability applications and services. This adoption is in part due to the native support of fault tolerance mechanisms in container orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes. While Kubernetes provides service replication as a fault tolerance mechanism for stateless applications, service replication does not satisfy requirements for stateful applications. Currently this shortcoming is addressed by data replication in databases. This requires a tight coupling and modification of the stateful application to support high availability. Thus, this thesis proposes a new Checkpoint/Restore (C/R) Kubernetes operator to achieve fault tolerance for stateful applications without any modification of the application. The operator takes a checkpoint in a configurable interval. In case of a fault a new application container is created automatically from the most recent checkpoint. We compare the proposed approach with a more conventional approach in which we pull and restore the application state from the application through an API. We measure the overhead of both methods, the service interruption and the recovery time in case of faults. We find the C/R Operator has similar performance in recovery time as the traditional approach, but does not need any application modification. The results signify C/R as a promising technology for a fault tolerance mechanism for stateful applications.
Issue Date: 2023-02
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