Authors: Köhler, Till
Rienhoff, Bernd
Vogt, Dieter
Title: Nickel(BiPhePhos)-catalyzed hydrocyanation of styrene - highly increased catalytic activity by optimized operational procedures
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Nitriles are versatile and highly desired chemical intermediates for a range of products. Their economic large-scale production requires highly efficient and selective synthesis. The nickel- catalyzed hydrocyanation of C=C double bonds provides such selective and 100% atom-economical access to nitriles, but the catalysts hitherto lack activity and longevity. Yet, the literature focusing on increased catalytic activity or optimized operational procedures is scarce, at the least. Here, we present a thorough investigation and optimization of operational procedures using a commercially available diphosphite ligand and styrene as a model substrate. This led us to achieve a TOF20 of more than 300,000 h−1.
Subject Headings: hydrocyanation
activity enhancement
homogeneous catalysis
hydrogen cyanide
Issue Date: 2024-03-21
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