Authors: Mittelstädt, Ewald
Rautenstrauch, Thomas
Wiepcke, Claudia
Title: Fostering knowledge management in small and medium-sized enterprises
Other Titles: investigating and overcoming knowledge deficits in management control
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The submitted paper covers two topics which are essential for SMEs and their competitiveness: management control and knowledge management. On the basis of an empirical survey among producing SMEs in Central-Germany the authors investigated knowledge deficits concerning the domain of management control. German SMEs show numerous weaknesses especially when it comes to prediction-oriented instruments of management control, e.g. SWOT-, Scenario-Analysis or dynamic investment procedures. The authors developed a suitable computer-aided learning tool to overcome these knowledge deficits and designed a knowledge management concept to collectivize individually learned knowledge.
Subject Headings: Blended Learning
Business Reengineering
Knowledge Management
Learning Community
Lessons Learned
Management Control
Issue Date: 2007-01
Provenance: USASBE 2007
Citation: Wide World of Entrepreneurship, Conference Proceedings United States Association for Small business and entrepreneurship, joint USASBE and SBI Conference, January 11 - 14, 2007, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Omnipress, Madison, USA
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