Authors: Pirner, Hans J.
Title: Vagueness in Philosophy -- "Unbestimmtheit" in Physics
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Unbestimmtheit is discussed with three connotations: indefiniteness-vagueness, uncertainty and indeterminacy. Vagueness is a term in philosophy, the two other meanings are found in physics. I will study several physics cases: experimental errors, natural borderline cases, quantum indeterminacy, uncertainty and indeterminacy in statistical and stochastic physics. Characteristically, the three classes are often found to be mixed. A very sketchy discussion concludes the article: How should one handle Unbestimmtheit? When and how should one clarify, classify, define limits, use fuzzy logic?
Subject Headings: experimental uncertainty
fuzzy logic
physics borderline cases
quantum indeterminacy
quantum logic
stochastic and random physics
Issue Date: 2010-05-27T19:12:55Z
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