Authors: Brüggemann, Matthias
Erdler, Oliver
Kays, Rüdiger
Springer, Paul
Title: Automated Gain Control for Temporally Recursive Detail Reconstruction with Variable Video Input Sharpness
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Modern video signal processing systems need to be highly adaptive in their processing configuration due to the broad range of input signal quality levels. In many cases the input quality is not known. In this paper, we report on our research on adaptivity to the sharpness level of the video content. Based on our work on temporally recursive detail reconstruction, which we presented in [1], we developed a system to measure the sharpness level in the input signal and for subsequent automatic gain control. Further we measure the current level of image enhancement and stabilizes it over time, approximating a predefined target enhancement level. Our proposed system helps to avoid over-enhancement of high quality input signals while adjusting the gain for low quality input signals in order to achieve an adequately enhanced output signal.
Issue Date: 2013-03-01
Is part of: 15. ITG-Fachtagung für Elektronische Medien, 26.-27. Februar, Dortmund
Appears in Collections:15. ITG-Fachtagung für Elektronische Medien (Fernsehseminar)

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