Issue 04 : [52]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Editorial of Physical Review Letters Volume 86-
2001Physical Review Letters--January 22, 2001 Contents-
2001Reply: Igarashi and LinIgarashi, Akinori; Lin, C. D.
2001Comment on "Full Ambiguity-Free Quantum Treatment of D+ + H(1s) Charge Transfer Reactions at Low Energies"Matveenko, A. V.
2001Reply: Temmen et al.Brand, H. R.; Liu, M.; Pleiner, H.; Temmen, H.
2001Comment on "Convective Nonlinearity in Non-Newtonian Fluids"Beris, Antony N.; Graham, Michael D.; Karlin, Iliya; Öttinger, Hans Christian
2001Collective Dynamics in Fully Hydrated Phospholipid Bilayers Studied by Inelastic X-Ray ScatteringBellisent-Funel, M. C.; Chen, S. H.; Huang, H. W.; Liao, C. Y.; Sette, F.; Weiss, T. M.
2001Path-Dependent Neutralization of Multiply Charged Ar Ions Incident on Au(110)Meyer, F. W.; Morozov, V. A.
2001Ultrafast Formation of Nonemissive Species via Intermolecular Interaction in Single Crystals of Conjugated MoleculesBongiovanni, G.; Cai, Q.; Chandrasekhar, H. R.; Chandrasekhar, M.; Garnier, F.; Graupner, W.; Loi, M. A.; Martin, C.; Mura, A.
2001Ultrafast Magnetization Reversal Dynamics Investigated by Time Domain Imaging-
2001Nonlinear Magnetization Dynamics under Circularly Polarized FieldBertotti, Giorgio; Mayergoyz, Isaak D.; Serpico, Claudio
2001Aging of the Zero-Field-Cooled Magnetization in Ising Spin Glasses: Experiment and Numerical SimulationBernardi, Lorenzo W.; Hukushima, Koji; Ito, Atsuko; Takayama, Hajime; Tobo, Aya; Yoshino, Hajime
2001Suppression of Superconductivity in Mesoscopic SuperconductorsKusmartsev, F. V.; Sobnack, M. B.
2001Superheating and Supercooling of Vortex Matter in a Nb Single Crystal: Direct Evidence for a Phase Transition at the Peak Effect from Neutron DiffractionChoi, S. M.; Dender, D. C.; Ling, X. S.; Lynn, J. W.; McClain, B. A.; Park, S. R.
2001Effect of Equilibrium Fluctuations on Superfluid Density in Layered SuperconductorsArtemenko, S. N.; Remizov, S. V.
2001Marginal Fermi Liquid Resonance Induced by a Quantum Magnetic Impurity in d-Wave SuperconductorsHu, Hui; Yu, Lu; Zhang, Guang-Ming
2001Counting Statistics of Photons Produced by Electronic Shot NoiseBeenakker, C. W. J.; Schomerus, H.
2001Tuning Fermi-Surface Properties through Quantum Confinement in Metallic Metalattices: New Metals from Old AtomsCrespi, Vincent H.; Han, J. E.
2001AlH3 and Al2H6: Magic Clusters with Unmagical PropertiesBurkart, S.; Ganteför, G.; Jena, P.; Rao, B. K.; Seifert, G.
2001Structural Deformation and Intertube Conductance of Crossed Carbon Nanotube JunctionsChoi, Hyoung Joon; Ihm, Jisoon; Louie, Steven G.; Mazzoni, Mario S. C.; Yoon, Young-Gui
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 52