Issue 10 : [71]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Editorial of Physical Review Letters Volume 86-
2001Physical Review Letters--March 5, 2001 Contents-
2001Effects of Synaptic Noise and Filtering on the Frequency Response of Spiking NeuronsAbbott, L. F.; Brunel, Nicolas; Chance, Frances S.; Fourcaud, Nicolas
2001Elastically Driven Linker Aggregation between Two Semiflexible PolyelectrolytesBorukhov, Itamar; Bruinsma, Robijn F.; Gelbart, William M.; Liu, Andrea J.
2001Hairpin Formation and Elongation of BiomoleculesMontanari, Andrea; Mézard, Marc
2001Retarded LearningHerschkowitz, Didier; Opper, Manfred
2001Transitions between Orbits of Resonance Attractors for Spiral WavesKheowan, On-Uma; Müller, Stefan C.; Rangsiman, Orapin; Zykov, Vladimir S.
2001Efficiently Learning Multilayer PerceptronsBiehl, M.; Bunzmann, C.; Urbanczik, R.
2001Quantum Computing of Quantum Chaos and Imperfection EffectsShepelyansky, Dima L.; Song, Pil Hun
2001Wave Packet Dynamics in a Quasi-One-Dimensional Metal-Halogen Complex Studied by Ultrafast Time-Resolved SpectroscopyKano, H.; Kobayashi, T.; Saito, T.; Sugita, A.; Yamashita, M.
2001Vibrational Anharmonicities Revealed by Coherent Two-Dimensional Infrared SpectroscopyDemirdöven, N.; Golonzka, O.; Khalil, M.; Tokmakoff, A.
2001Gateable Suppression of Spin Relaxation in SemiconductorsBaumberg, J. J.; Cleaver, J. R. A.; Heberle, A. P.; Sandhu, J. S.
2001Strongly Enhanced Orbital Moments and Anisotropies of Adatoms on the Ag(001) SurfaceCabria, I.; Dederichs, P. H.; Ebert, H.; Huhne, T.; Nonas, B.; Zeller, R.
2001Experimental Evidence for Intra-Atomic Noncollinear Magnetism at Thin Film Probe TipsBode, M.; Heinze, S.; Kubetzka, A.; Pietzsch, O.; Wiesendanger, R.
2001Magnetic Behavior of Na Films with Fe, Co, and Ni ImpuritiesBergmann, G.; Hossain, M.
2001Finite-Size Scaling for the Ising Model on the Möbius Strip and the Klein BottleKaneda, Kazuhisa; Okabe, Yutaka
2001Quantum Melting of the Quasi-Two-Dimensional Vortex Lattice in kappa-(ET)2Cu(NCS)2Brooks, J. S.; Hill, S.; Mola, M. M.; Qualls, J. S.
2001Depinning Transition of a Two-Dimensional Vortex Lattice in a Commensurate Periodic PotentialGotcheva, Violeta; Teitel, S.
2001Transverse Josephson Plasma Mode in T* Phase SmLa1-xSrxCuO4-delta Single CrystalsShibata, H.
2001Signatures of Spin Pairing in Chaotic Quantum DotsBichler, M.; Ensslin, K.; Heinzel, T.; Lüscher, S.; Wegscheider, W.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 71