Issue 12 : [58]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Strong Linear-k Valence-Band Mixing at Semiconductor HeterojunctionsForeman, Bradley A.
2001Observation of Multiple Magnetorotons in the Fractional Quantum Hall EffectDennis, B. S.; Kang, Moonsoo; Pfeiffer, L. N.; Pinczuk, A.; West, K. W.
2001Electronic Structure of Partially Hydrogenated Si(100)-(2×1) Surfaces Prepared by Thermal and Nonthermal DesorptionBobrov, K.; Comtet, G.; Dujardin, G.; Hellner, L.
2001Kondo Temperature for the Two-Channel Kondo Models of Tunneling CentersAleiner, I. L.; Altshuler, B. L.; Galperin, Y. M.; Shutenko, T. A.
2001Novel Metallic Behavior in Two DimensionsDobrosavljevic, V.; Feng, X. G.; Popovic, Dragana; Washburn, S.
2001Exactly Solvable Model with Two Conductor-Insulator Transitions Driven by ImpuritiesBauer, M.; Golinelli, O.
2001Spin Orthogonality Catastrophe in Two-Dimensional Antiferromagnets and SuperconductorsSachdev, Subir; Troyer, Matthias; Vojta, Matthias
2001Evolution of III-V Nitride Alloy Electronic Structure: The Localized to Delocalized TransitionKent, P. R. C.; Zunger, Alex
2001Spatial Correlations in GaInAsN Alloys and their Effects on Band-Gap Enhancement and Electron LocalizationKim, Kwiseon; Zunger, Alex
2001Time-Dependent Gutzwiller Approximation for the Hubbard ModelLorenzana, J.; Seibold, G.
2001Experimental Confirmation of the Predicted Shallow Donor Hydrogen State in Zinc OxideCottrell, S. P.; Cox, S. F. J.; Davis, E. A.; King, P. J. C.; Lord, J. S.
2001Dynamic Force Spectroscopy of Conservative and Dissipative Forces in an Al-Au(111) Tip-Sample SystemFuchs, H.; Gotsmann, B.
2001Symmetry Selection Rules for Vibrationally Inelastic TunnelingHo, W.; Lauhon, L. J.; Lorente, N.; Persson, M.
2001Step Edge Diffusion and Step Atom Detachment in Surface Evolution: Ion Erosion of Pt(111)Comsa, George; Heinig, Karl-Heinz; Kalff, Matthias; Michely, Thomas; Strobel, Matthias
2001Quenched Kosterlitz-Thouless Superfluid TransitionsChu, Han-Ching; Williams, Gary A.
2001Thermodynamic Suppression of Brownian MotionBrenn, Rüdiger; Geoghegan, Mark; Russ, Thomas
2001Anomalous Capillary Length in Cellular Nematic-Isotropic InterfacesFalcão, R. C.; Gomes, O. A.; Mesquita, O. N.
2001Critical-Point Phase Separation in Laser Ablation of ConductorsBarthélemy, O.; Chaker, M.; Johnston, T. W.; Laville, S.; Vidal, F.
2001Longitudinal and Transverse Waves in Yukawa CrystalsBhattacharjee, A.; Hu, S.; Wang, Xiaogang
2001Thomson Scattering Measurements of Saturated Ion Waves in Laser Fusion PlasmasBerger, R. L.; Divol, L. M.; Geddes, C.; Glenzer, S. H.; Kirkwood, R. K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 58