Issue 13 : [55]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Editorial of Physical Review Letters Volume 86-
2001Physical Review Letters--March 26, 2001 Contents-
2001Small World Effect in an Epidemiological ModelAbramson, Guillermo; Kuperman, Marcelo
2001Fast Voltage Transients in Capacitive Silicon-to-Cell Stimulation Detected with a Luminescent Molecular Electronic ProbeBraun, Dieter; Fromherz, Peter
2001Sensory Coding and the Second Spectra of Natural SignalsThomson, M. G. A.
2001Extreme Damping in Composite Materials with a Negative Stiffness PhaseLakes, R. S.
2001Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy Quantum Computer with Tellurium Donors in SiliconBerman, G. P.; Doolen, G. D.; Hammel, P. C.; Tsifrinovich, V. I.
2001Exponential Gain in Quantum Computing of Quantum Chaos and LocalizationGeorgeot, B.; Shepelyansky, D. L.
2001Photoinduced Phase Transition to a New Macroscopic Spin-Crossover-Complex PhaseTanaka, Koichiro; Tayagaki, Takeshi
2001Strong Anisotropy of Superexchange in the Copper-Oxygen Chains of La14–xCaxCu24O41Ammerahl, U.; Büchner, B.; Choi, K.-Y.; Grüninger, M.; Kataev, V.
2001Spin Reorientation at the Antiferromagnetic NiO(001) Surface in Response to an Adjacent FerromagnetAnders, S.; Hillebrecht, F. U.; Nolting, F.; Ohldag, H.; Scholl, A.
2001Magnetic Dissipation and Fluctuations in Individual Nanomagnets Measured by Ultrasensitive Cantilever MagnetometryKenny, T. W.; Mamin, H. J.; Rugar, D.; Stipe, B. C.; Stowe, T. D.
2001Magnetic-Flux Penetration and Critical Currents in Superconducting Strips with SlitsClem, John R.; Mawatari, Yasunori
2001Nesting Induced Precursor Effects: A Renormalization Group ApproachDouçot, Benoit; Vistulo de Abreu, F.
2001Nonlinear Electron Current through a Short Molecular WireHänggi, Peter; Petrov, Elmar G.
2001In-Plane Magnetic Field-Induced Spin Polarization and Transition to Insulating Behavior in Two-Dimensional Hole SystemsDe Poortere, E. P.; Papadakis, S. J.; Shayegan, M.; Tutuc, E.
2001Detecting the Kondo Screening Cloud Around a Quantum DotAffleck, Ian; Simon, Pascal
2001Resonant Tunneling Mediated by Resonant Emission of Intersubband PlasmonsGornik, E.; Kast, M.; Kempa, K.; Strasser, G.; Unterrainer, K.
2001Electronic Band Structure of Gd: A Consistent DescriptionCarbone, C.; Dallmeyer, A.; Magnano, E.; Maiti, K.; Malagoli, M. C.
2001Atomic Wire Oxidation of H-Terminated Si(100)-(2×1): Domino Reaction via Oxidation and H MigrationKajiyama, Hiroshi; Kato, Koichi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 55