Issue 14 : [84]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Inhibition and Enhancement of the Spontaneous Emission of Quantum Dots in Structured MicroresonatorsBayer, M.; Larionov, A.; McDonald, A.; Reinecke, T. L.; Weidner, F.
2001Two-Photon Resonant Third-Harmonic Generation in La2CuO4Blanche, P.-A.; Hanamura, E.; Kawabe, Y.; Schülzgen, A.; Yamanaka, A.
200113C NMR Chemical Shift of Single-Wall Carbon NanotubesBac, Christophe Goze; Bernier, Patrick; Henrard, Luc; Latil, Sylvain; Rubio, Angel
2001Ferromagnetic Phase Transition in a Heisenberg FluidFolk, R.; Mryglod, I. M.; Omelyan, I. P.
2001Absolute Spin Magnetic Moment of FeF2 from High Energy Photon DiffractionJauch, W.; Rütt, U.; Strempfer, J.
2001Spin Domains Generate Hierarchical Ground State Structure in J = ±1 Spin GlassesDomany, Eytan; Hartmann, Alexander K.; Hed, Guy; Stauffer, Dietrich
2001Critical Spin Dynamics of the 2D Quantum Heisenberg Antiferromagnets Sr2CuO2Cl2 and Sr2Cu3O4Cl2Birgeneau, R. J.; Chou, F. C.; Erwin, R. W.; Kastner, M. A.; Kim, Y. J.
2001Enhancement of the Josephson Current by an Exchange Field in Superconductor-Ferromagnet StructuresBergeret, F. S.; Efetov, K. B.; Volkov, A. F.
2001Vortex Glass Transition and Quantum Vortex Liquid at Low Temperature in a Thick a-MoxSi1–x FilmImamoto, Y.; Morita, M.; Okuma, S.
2001Surface Transformation and Photoinduced Recovery in CdSe NanocrystalsDavis, R. C.; Hess, B. C.; Okhrimenko, I. G.; Schulzke, Q. A.; Stevens, B. C.
2001Current Saturation and Electrical Breakdown in Multiwalled Carbon NanotubesArnold, M.; Avouris, Ph.; Collins, Philip G.; Hersam, M.; Martel, R.
2001Persistent Currents in Mesoscopic Connected RingsBenoît, A.; Hasselbach, K.; Mailly, D.; Rabaud, W.; Saminadayar, L.
2001Order-Disorder Transition in Nanoscopic Semiconductor Quantum RingsBorrmann, Peter; Harting, Jens
2001Wannier-Stark States of a Quantum Particle in 2D LatticesGlück, M.; Keck, F.; Kolovsky, A. R.; Korsch, H. J.
2001Frequency-Dependent Shot Noise in Long Disordered Superconductor–Normal-Metal–Superconductor ContactsNagaev, K. E.
2001High Pressure Insulator-Metal Transition in Molecular Fluid OxygenBastea, Marina; Mitchell, Arthur C.; Nellis, William J.
2001Composition-Dependent Electrical Resistivity in an Al-Re-Si 1/1-Cubic Approximant PhaseAsao, Takayuki; Takeuchi, Shin; Tamura, Ryuji
2001Temperature-Dependent Fermi Gap Opening in the c(6×4)–C60/Ag(100) Two-Dimensional SuperstructureCepek, C.; Goldoni, A.; Magnano, E.; Selvaggi, G.; Vobornik, I.
2001Electron Addition Spectrum in the Supersymmetric t-J Model with Inverse-Square InteractionArikawa, Mitsuhiro; Kuramoto, Yoshio; Saiga, Yasuhiro
2001Rate-Equation Approach to Island Capture Zones and Size Distributions in Epitaxial GrowthAmar, Jacques G.; Family, Fereydoon; Popescu, Mihail N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 84