Issue 17 : [60]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Pressure Spectrum in Homogeneous TurbulenceFukayama, Daigen; Gotoh, Toshiyuki
2001Self-Organization in Granular SlurriesJain, Nitin; Khakhar, D. V.; Lueptow, R. M.; Ottino, J. M.
2001Dynamic Stabilization in 1sigmau-->1pig Excited Nitrogen ClustersBlumberg, J.; Flesch, R.; Kuhlmann, M.; Neville, J. J.; Pavlychev, A. A.
2001Measurement of the Resonant dµt Molecular Formation Rate in Solid HDAdamczak, A.; Bailey, J. M.; Beer, G. A.; Douglas, J. L.; Porcelli, T. A.
2001Formation of Rydberg Atoms in an Expanding Ultracold Neutral PlasmaBergeson, S. D.; Dumke, R.; Killian, T. C.; Kulin, S.; Lim, M. J.
2001Double Ionization of Helium by Electron-Impact: Complete Pictures of the Four-Body Breakup DynamicsDorn, A.; Höhr, C.; Kheifets, A.; Najjari, B.; Schröter, C. D.
2001Total, Partial, and Electron-Capture Cross Sections for Ionization of Water Vapor by 20–150 keV ProtonsCarré, M.; Farizon, B.; Farizon, M.; Gaillard, M. J.; Gobet, F.
2001Statistical Properties of Inter-Series Mixing in Helium: From Integrability to ChaosDelande, D.; Domke, M.; Grémaud, B.; Martins, M.; Püttner, R.
2001Collisional Frequency Shifts in 133Cs Fountain ClocksJulienne, Paul S.; Leo, Paul J.; Mies, Fred H.; Williams, Carl J.
2001The Ay Problem for p-3He Elastic ScatteringGeorge, E. A.; Kievsky, A.; Knutson, L. D.; Rosati, S.; Viviani, M.
2001Electromagnetic Moments of the beta-Emitting Nucleus 16NMatsuta, K.; Minamisono, K.; Miyake, T.; Momota, S.; Morishita, A.
2001Observation of the Omega0c Charmed Baryon at CLEOCronin-Hennessy, D.; Lyon, A. L.
2001Measuring the Top Yukawa Coupling to a Heavy Higgs Boson at Future e+e– Linear CollidersAlcaraz, Juan; Ruiz Morales, Ester
2001Counting Inclusive b Jets as an Efficient Probe of New Flavor PhysicsBar-Shalom, S.; Wudka, J.
2001Observation of B --> phiK and B --> phiK*Briere, R. A.; Chen, G. P.; Ferguson, T.; Gritsan, A.; Vogel, H.
2001Quasi-Model-Independent Search for New High pT Physics at D0Abbott, B.; Abdesselam, A.; Abolins, M.; Abramov, V.; Acharya, B. S.
2001Domain Walls without Cosmological Constant in Higher Order GravityMeissner, Krzysztof A.; Olechowski, Marek
2001Rotating Hairy Black HolesKleihaus, Burkhard; Kunz, Jutta
2001Spatial Persistence of Fluctuating InterfacesBray, Alan J.; Majumdar, Satya N.
2001Tractable Approximations for Probabilistic Models: The Adaptive Thouless-Anderson-Palmer Mean Field ApproachOpper, Manfred; Winther, Ole
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 60