Issue 20 : [85]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Alternating Tip Splitting in Directional SolidificationBodenschatz, E.; Ragnarsson, R.; Utter, B.
2001Growth of Au Clusters on Amorphous Al2O3: Evidence of Cluster Mobility above a Critical SizeCarrey, J.; Maurice, J.-L.; Petroff, F.; Vaurès, A.
2001Modified Critical Correlations Close to Modulated and Rough SurfacesHanke, Andreas; Kardar, Mehran
2001Nanoadhesion between Rough SurfacesChow, T. S.
2001Diffusion Kinetics in the Pd/Cu(001) Surface AlloyGrant, M. L.; Swartzentruber, B. S.
2001Deep-Inelastic Neutron Scattering Determination of the Single-Particle Kinetic Energy in Solid and Liquid 3HeAndreani, C.; Colognesi, D.; Cunsolo, A.; Nardone, M.; Senesi, R.
2001Phase Diagram of the A and B Phases of Superfluid 3He in AerogelBrussaard, P.; Fisher, S. N.; Guénault, A. M.; Hale, A. J.; Mulders, N.
2001Anisotropic Domain Growth of the Axial Next-Nearest-Neighbor Ising Model at Low TemperaturesChang, Iksoo; Cheon, Mookyung
2001Peierls Transition with Acoustic Phonons and Solitwistons in Carbon NanotubesFigge, Marc Thilo; Knoester, Jasper; Mostovoy, Maxim
2001High-Pressure Elastic Properties of Solid Argon to 70 GPaKume, Tetsuji; Sasaki, Shigeo; Shimizu, Hiroyasu; Tashiro, Hideyuki
2001Oxygen Self-Diffusion in alpha-QuartzBaroni, Stefano; Limoge, Yves; Roma, Guido
2001Structure and Generation Mechanism of the Peroxy-Radical Defect in Amorphous SilicaTakahashi, M.; Uchino, T.; Yoko, T.
2001Thermodynamics of C Incorporation on Si(100) from ab initio CalculationsKaxiras, Efthimios; Kelires, P. C.; Remediakis, I. N.
2001Martensitic fcc-to-hcp Transformation Observed in Xenon at High PressureBaer, B.; Cynn, H.; Iota-Herbei, V.; McMahan, A. K.; Yoo, C. S.
2001Coexisting Nematic and Smectic-A Phases in a Twisted Liquid-Crystal CellOsipov, M. A.; Ruan, L. Z.; Sambles, J. R.
2001Quiescent Double Barrier Regime in the DIII-D TokamakBurrell, K. H.; DeBoo, J. C.; Doyle, E. J.; Greenfield, C. M.; Stallard, B. W.
2001Vertical Pairing of Identical Particles Suspended in the Plasma SheathIvlev, A. V.; Morfill, G.; Steinberg, V.; Sütterlin, R.
2001Templating of Thin Films Induced by Dewetting on Patterned SurfacesKargupta, Kajari; Sharma, Ashutosh
2001Microscopic Selection of Fluid Fingering PatternsKessler, David A.; Levine, Herbert
2001Measurement of Modulational Instability Gain of Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Eigenmodes in a One-Dimensional SystemFang, H.; Malendevich, R.; Schiek, R.; Stegeman, G. I.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 85