Issue 22 : [61]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Dilation-Induced Phases of Gases Absorbed within a Bundle of Carbon NanotubesCalbi, M. Mercedes; Cole, Milton W.; Toigo, Flavio
2001Error Field Amplification and Rotation Damping in Tokamak PlasmasBoozer, Allen H.
2001Structure Formation and Tearing of an MeV Cylindrical Electron Beam in a Laser-Produced PlasmaAntonsen, Thomas M. jr.; Liu, Chuan S.; Mima, Kunioki; Taguchi, Toshihiro
2001Phase Mixing and Island Saturation in Hamiltonian ReconnectionCalifano, F.; Grasso, D.; Pegoraro, F.; Porcelli, F.
2001Single-Particle Dynamics in Collisionless Magnetic ReconnectionEgedal, J.; Fasoli, A.
2001Exact Soliton Solutions, Shape Changing Collisions, and Partially Coherent Solitons in Coupled Nonlinear Schrödinger EquationsKanna, T.; Lakshmanan, M.
2001Reaction Imaging with InterferometryFeagin, James M.; Han, Si-ping
2001Orientation of Benzene in Supersonic Expansions, Probed by IR-Laser Absorption and by Molecular Beam ScatteringAquilanti, V.; Bartolomei, M.; Cappelletti, D.; Pirani, F.; Scotoni, M.
2001Pseudotime Schrödinger Equation with Absorbing Potential for Quantum Scattering CalculationsMandelshtam, Vladimir A.; Neumaier, Arnold
2001QED Effects in Cu-Like Pb Recombination Resonances Near ThresholdDanared, H.; Glans, P.; Lindroth, E.; Pesic, Z.; Tokman, M.
2001Isotopic Scaling in Nuclear ReactionsFriedman, W. A.; Gelbke, C. K.; Lynch, W. G.; Tsang, M. B.; Verde, G.
2001Observation of rho/omega Meson Modification in Nuclear MatterEn'yo, H.; Funahashi, H.; Ishino, M.; Kitaguchi, M.; Ozawa, K.
2001Isospin Asymmetry in the Pseudospin Dynamical SymmetryAlberto, P.; Chiapparini, M.; Delfino, A.; Fiolhais, M.; Malheiro, M.
2001Chiral Symmetry and the Intrinsic Structure of the NucleonLeinweber, D. B.; Thomas, A. W.; Young, R. D.
2001The Quark Condensate from Ke4 DecaysColangelo, G.; Gasser, J.; Leutwyler, H.
2001Implications of Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment for Supersymmetric Dark MatterBaltz, E. A.; Gondolo, P.
2001Bounds on the CP Asymmetry in Like-Sign Dileptons from B0B-bar0 Meson DecaysAsner, D. M.; Jaffe, D. E.; Mahapatra, R.; Masek, G.; Paar, H. P.
2001Absolute Frequency Measurements of the Hg+ and Ca Optical Clock Transitions with a Femtosecond LaserCurtis, E. A.; Diddams, S. A.; Oates, C. W.; Udem, Th.; Vogel, K. R.
2001Supersymmetric RatchetsReimann, Peter
2001Decoherence, Pointer Engineering, and Quantum State ProtectionCarvalho, A. R. R.; Davidovich, L.; De Matos Filho, R. L.; Milman, P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 61