Issue 03 : [63]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Is There Something of Mode Coupling Theory in Orientationally Disordered Crystals?Affouard, F.; Descamps, M.
2001Observation of the Superfluid Shapiro Effect in a 3He Weak LinkDavis, J. C.; Marchenkov, A.; Packard, R. E.; Simmonds, R. W.
2001Loss of Second-Ballooning Stability in Three-Dimensional EquilibriaHegna, C. C.; Hudson, S. R.
2001Electro-optic Measurement of the Wake Fields of a Relativistic Electron BeamCarneiro, J.-P.; Colestock, P. L.; Edwards, H. T.; Fitch, M. J.; Melissinos, A. C.
2001Resonant Emittance Transfer Driven by Space ChargeBoine-Frankenheim, O.; Hofmann, I.
2001Dynamical Turbulent Flow on the Galton Board with FrictionChepelianskii, A. D.; Shepelyansky, D. L.
2001Experimental Demonstration of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Recurrence in a Modulationally Unstable Optical WaveEmplit, Ph.; Haelterman, M.; Van Simaeys, G.
2001Femtosecond Light Source for Phase-Controlled Multiphoton IonizationHarris, S. E.; Sokolov, A. V.; Walker, D. R.; Yavuz, D. D.; Yin, G. Y.
2001Necklace-Ring Vector SolitonsDesyatnikov, Anton S.; Kivshar, Yuri S.
2001Superelastic Scattering Of Electrons From Highly Charged Ions With Inner Shell VacanciesAliabadi, H.; Bhalla, C. P.; Richard, P.; Tóth, G.; Závodszky, P. A.
2001Nuclear Fusion induced by Coulomb Explosion of Heteronuclear ClustersJortner, Joshua; Last, Isidore
2001Observation of Coherent Transients in Ultrashort Chirped Excitation of an Undamped Two-Level SystemBlanchet, Valérie; Degert, Jérôme; Stock, Sabine; Zamith, Sébastien; de Beauvoir, Béatrice
2001Selectivity in the Excitation of Fermi-Coupled Vibrations in CO2 by Impact of Slow ElectronsAllan, M.
2001Number of Fermion Generations Derived from Anomaly CancellationDobrescu, Bogdan A.; Poppitz, Erich
2001Gauge Invariances and Phases of Massive Higher Spins in (Anti-) de Sitter SpaceDeser, S.; Waldron, A.
2001Superfluid Phase Transitions in Dense Neutron MatterClark, J. W.; Khodel, V. A.; Zverev, M. V.
2001Wideband Dual Sphere Detector of Gravitational WavesCerdonio, M.; Conti, L.; Lobo, J. A.; Ortolan, A.; Taffarello, L.
2001Probing Large Distance Higher-Dimensional Gravity with Cosmic Microwave Background MeasurementsBinétruy, Pierre; Silk, Joseph
2001Inequivalence of Ensembles in a System with Long-Range InteractionsBarré, Julien; Mukamel, David; Ruffo, Stefano
2001Fragmented Condensate Ground State of Trapped Weakly Interacting Bosons in Two DimensionsChang, Lee; Hu, Hui; Li, Shi-Qun; Liu, Xia-Ji; Zhang, Weiping
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 63