Issue 04 : [56]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Band-Structure Trend in Hole-Doped Cuprates and Correlation with Tc maxAndersen, O. K.; Dasgupta, I.; Jepsen, O.; Pavarini, E.; Saha-Dasgupta, T.
2001Anisotropy of Superconducting MgB2 as Seen in Electron Spin Resonance and Magnetization DataFehér, T.; Garaj, S.; Jánossy, A.; Murányi, F.; Simon, F.
2001Effects of Stochastic Webs on Chaotic Electron Transport in Semiconductor SuperlatticesBujkiewicz, S.; Fromhold, T. M.; Krokhin, A. A.; Tench, C. R.; Wilkinson, P. B.
2001Specific Heat of Mg11B2Bouquet, F.; Fisher, R. A.; Hinks, D. G.; Jorgensen, J. D.; Phillips, N. E.
2001Direct Link between Coulomb Blockade and Shot Noise in a Quantum-Coherent StructureEsteve, D.; Levy Yeyati, A.; Martin-Rodero, A.; Urbina, C.
2001Quantum Hall Plateau Transition at Order 1/NMoore, Joel E.; Sinova, Jairo; Zee, A.
2001Critical Coarsening without Surface Tension: The Universality Class of the Voter ModelChaté, Hugues; Chave, Jérôme; Dornic, Ivan; Hinrichsen, Haye
2001Surface Patterns of Laterally Extended Thin Liquid Films in Three DimensionsBestehorn, Michael; Neuffer, Kai
2001Do Arsenic Interstitials Really Exist in As-Rich GaAs?Gebauer, J.; Krause-Rehberg, R.; Luysberg, M.; Nieminen, R. M.; Staab, T. E. M.
2001Metal-Encapsulated Fullerenelike and Cubic Caged Clusters of SiliconKawazoe, Yoshiyuki; Kumar, Vijay
2001Phase-Field Model of Mode III Dynamic FractureKarma, Alain; Kessler, David A.; Levine, Herbert
2001Effect of 3He on Submonolayer SuperfluidityChan, M. H. W.; Csáthy, G. A.
2001Silicon Antisite in 4H SiCHai, P. N.; Janzén, E.; Son, N. T.
2001Direct Observation of Localized Parallel Electric Fields in a Space PlasmaAndersson, L.; Carlson, C. W.; Ergun, R. E.; McFadden, J. P.; Su, Y.-J.
2001Ionization Balance in Inertial Confinement Fusion HohlraumsFournier, K. B.; Glenzer, S. H.; Lee, R. W.; Suter, L. J.; Wilson, B. G.
2001Transport Processes in Reversed-Field-Pinch PlasmasAntoni, V.; Carbone, V.; Cavazzana, R.; Regnoli, G.; Vianello, N.
2001Universal Distribution of Centers and Saddles in Two-Dimensional TurbulenceRivera, Michael; Wu, Xiao-Lun; Yeung, Chuck
2001Stability of Periodically Focused Intense Particle BeamsPakter, R.; Rizzato, F. B.
2001Detecting Phase Synchronization in a Chaotic Laser ArrayBreban, Romulus; DeShazer, David J.; Ott, Edward; Roy, Rajarshi
2001Resolving Clusters in Chaotic Ensembles of Globally Coupled Identical OscillatorsMaistrenko, Yu.; Pikovsky, A.; Popovych, O.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 56