Authors: Butzin, Anna
Davies, Anna
Domanski, Dmitri
Dhondt, Steven
Howaldt, Jürgen
Kaletka, Christoph
Kesselring, Alexander
Kopp, Ralf
Millard, Jeremy
Oeij, Peter
Rehfeld, Dieter
Schaper-Rinkel, Petra
Schwarz, Michael
Scoppetta, Anette
Wagner-Luptacik, Petra
Weber, Matthias
Title: Theoretical Approaches to Social Innovation
Other Titles: A Critical Literature Review
Language (ISO): en
Subject Headings: social innovation
innovation studies
social entrepreneurship
social change
Subject Headings (RSWK): Sozialinnovation
Issue Date: 2014-09
Citation: Howaldt, J., Butzin, A., Domanski, D., & Kaletka, C. (2014). Theoretical Approaches to Social Innovation - A Critical Literature Review. A deliverable of the project: ‘Social Innovation: Driving Force of Social Change’ (SI-DRIVE). Dortmund: Sozialforschungsstelle
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