Issue 10 : [46]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Physical Review Letters--September 3, 2001 Contents-
2001Editorial of Physical Review Letters Volume 87-
2001Papadogiannis et al. Reply:Charalambidis, D.; Kalpouzos, C.; Papadogiannis, N. A.; Witzel, B.
2001Comment on "Observation of Attosecond Light Localization in Higher Order Harmonic Generation"Brabec, T.; Krausz, F.; Scrinzi, A.; Tempea, G.
2001Action-Derived Molecular Dynamics in the Study of Rare EventsParrinello, Michele; Passerone, Daniele
2001Excitable Media in a Chaotic FlowNeufeld, Zoltán
2001Random Walks of Cytoskeletal Motors in Open and Closed CompartmentsKlumpp, Stefan; Lipowsky, Reinhard; Nieuwenhuizen , Theo M.
2001Electron Confinement in Surface States on a Stepped Gold Surface Revealed by Angle-Resolved PhotoemissionMascaraque, A.; Mugarza, A.; Pérez-Dieste, V.; Repain, V.; Rousset, S.
2001Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Fluctuations of pi-d Itinerant Electrons Disclosed by Band-Selective NMRKanoda , K.; Kawamoto, A.; Miyagawa, K.
2001Effects of Disorder on Ferromagnetism in Diluted Magnetic SemiconductorsBerciu, Mona; Bhatt, R. N.
2001Origin of Biquadratic Coupling in Fe/Cr(100) SuperlatticesBader , S. D.; L'abbé, C.; Meersschaut, J.; Rots, M.
2001Giant Room-Temperature Magnetoresistance in Polycrystalline Zn0.41Fe2.59O4 with alpha-Fe2O3 Grain BoundariesChen, P.; Du, Y. W.; Feng, D.; Xing, D. Y.; Zhu, J. M.
2001Direct Observation of Spontaneous Weak Ferromagnetism in the Superconductor ErNi2B2CCanfield, P. C.; Choi, S.-M.; Gammel, P. L.; López, D.; Lynn, J. W.
2001Terahertz Responses of Intrinsic Josephson Junctions in High TC SuperconductorsWang, H. B.; Wu, P. H.; Yamashita, T.
2001Oscillating Sign of Drag in High Landau LevelsOppen, Felix von; Simon, Steven H.; Stern, Ady
2001Characterization of Individual Threading Dislocations in GaN Using Ballistic Electron Emission MicroscopyDing, Y.; Heying, B.; Im, H.-J.; Pelz, J. P.; Speck, J. S.
2001Quantum Interference and Ballistic Transmission in Nanotube Electron WaveguidesDai, Hongjie; Kim, Woong; Kong, Jing; Tombler, Thomas W.; Yenilmez, Erhan
2001Temperature Dependence of the Kondo Resonance and Its Satellites in CeCu2Si2Ehm, D.; Hüfner, S.; Nicolay, G.; Reinert, F.; Schmidt, S.
2001Continuum Model for Low Temperature Relaxation of Crystal StepsPierre-Louis, O.
2001Dynamic Observation of an Atom-Sized Gold Wire by Phase Electron MicroscopyIkuta, Takashi; Kawasaki, Tadahiro; Kimura, Yoshihide; Shimizu, Ryuichi; Takai, Yoshizo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46